Elegant bags and accessories crafted from industrial offcuts !

Elegant bags and accessories crafted from industrial offcuts !

Have you ever thought we are disposing off so much material daily, that could be utilized in someway or another? Rejected production offcuts, industry remains and other material we are treating as waste can be used in production of useful items. You might not have given it a thought but there are a couple of persons who haven’t taken this serious issue lightly and actually working on it. Karen Häcker and Michel Treiber have started working on manufacturing products using such material under the label industrierelikt.

Instead of disposing off rejected production offcuts they are using it in the production of high quality bags and accessories. Remaining material they are buying from different industries. Even remains of high quality leathers from barber chairs and car seats are being used.

They are keeping the design simple yet elegant. As the material used in manufacturing of their products including hydrogen (bags) are high quality that’s why the end result is exceptional. The products not only have elegance but they are also high quality and long lasting. Safe enough to protect your content from weather or shock.

You will have a choice to choose the color of the bag you like. All colors are fresh, decent and eye-catching. Even uni color and bi color bags option is available.

We are sure these bag will add more grace to your personality. These bags are proving that the simplicity has its own grace. Almost forgot to mention apart from color you can choose the size of the bag as well.

As its a big product, so they need you to backup them. That’s whey they recently started their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. There is no doubt the project is Eco-friendly and unique in its nature. And we must backup !

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