Do you want your lipstick to last longer?

Do you want your lipstick to last longer?

I am one of those girls who hate when a lipstick destroys their party or the scene. But still things you hate tends to happen. Last month I was invited to a party where all the top fashion designers were invited. Means it was a big chance for me to get myself noticed. Took 2 hours to get ready, wore the best dress I had and applied the branded lipstick gifted to me by friend recently. As expected nobody noticed me. After refreshment I was feeling everyone around me was giving me attentions. There were smiles on most of the faces. I was getting nervous. Went into ladies room and look what I had done.

Smear lipstick
So everyone was smiling at my smeared lipstick. I started crying and came back home instantly. Since that day I have decided I won’t use just any cosmetics without prior testing or reviewing it. I consulted my beautician on the issue and she named quite a few brands she has tried on her customers with higher rate of satisfaction. But I was looking for a kind of lipstick that won’t smear. And I also got a habbit of kissing my fellows and kids in particular. It feels bad when I leave lipstick mark on the cheeks. On further discussion my beautician asked me to try lipsense lipstick. I heard that brand of lipstick previously from my friends but couldn’t get a chance of using it. So purchased two different shades of lipsense on the way home. I was amazed to know that they have seventy plus shades on lipstick.

On reaching home I started the test. Applied the lipstick on the lips. Wait ! Forgot to mention I was confused about how to apply it. So searched through the internet to see what’s the best method to apply lipsense lipstick. While searching I found out there are a number of lipsense reviews. In one of the lipsense lipstick review I got the step by step method of applying Lipsense.

how to apply lipsense lipstickAfter applying lipsense properly I called my nephew and tested kissing on him :). (He is the only one who let me kiss without showing any sign of irritation). Kissed his cheeks so many times but no color left behind. So first test passed. Then I checked it whether it smears or not. Tried rubbing my palm over my lips. Drank a glass of water, tried rubbing again on my wet lips. But all stayed perfect. Both tests were perfect and I was feeling, finally I got my long lasting lipstick. But still got one test before I would give it 10 out of 10, the smudge test.

Once again I searched the net to check how to remove lipsence. Some of them were suggesting lipsence removers. Finally got a blog about removing it through coconut oil. I tried that on and it worked. Applied coconut oil and rubbed with wet cloth and my lipsense was removed. And hurrah no smudge marks at all. Means lipsense lipstick have passed all my tests and since that day it has become my first choice.

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