Do You Want to be The Fashion Hero ?

Do You Want to be The Fashion Hero ?


  • The Fashion Hero is more than just a fashion disruptor, it is a complete global movement set to forever change the game.
  • It’s not about height, size or the color of our skin. It’s about personal style and self-expression. It’s about being confident and comfortable in our own skin.
  • Anyone can participate, minimum age limit is 16.
  • Even you can be the winner, You just need to setup your profile and get the most number of votes to win.
  • Every month, the top 3 participants to receive the highest number of votes during a given month will automatically be invited to the filming of the series.
  • Monthly winners and designer-selected participants will be invited to the filming of The Fashion Hero for a once in a lifetime experience.

It’s Hosted by celebrity Brooke Hogan (Daughter of wrestler Hulk Hogan)

It’s your chance to be  “From Rejected To Respected”

Challenging Fashion, Changing Lives

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