DJ Cory P talks about his life and music

DJ Cory P talks about his life and music

We are sharing our recent interview with a New York based DJ Cory Padarathsingh, who goes by the stage name “DJ Cory P”.

Pro Media Mag : When did you get into music?
DJ Cory P : 7 years ago at a family party, my uncle was deejaying. Towards the end  of the party, he let me see his equipment. I started playing around with the turntables and then I ended up having so much fun that I wanted to get my own pair of turntables after that day.

Pro Media Mag : Have you work with someone inspirational in your music career? and who did you get the most inspiration from??
DJ Cory P : I worked with a lot of popular djs and rappers but my favorite was working with Dvbbs. I get the most inspiration from millionaires like Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Boyce Watkins, and Andy Frisella.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recent projects?
DJ Cory P : Recently I did a 31 day fast and uploaded the video on YouTube. Iʼm hoping that inspires people to lose weight and be healthy. Also I co produced a few tracks for Pnb Rock and then I produced a song for Sean Kingston that will be out next year.

Pro Media Mag : What has been your most enjoyable track so far? Why?
DJ Cory P :My most enjoyable track is called “Mission X”. I enjoy it because its an edm track and the vibe you get from listening to it is such a good feeling.

Pro Media Mag : How often and for how long do you practice?
DJ Cory P : I practice 3 hours a day , a days a week just to make sure I stay sharp with all my skills.

Pro Media Mag : What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?
DJ Cory P : If I didnʼt have my music career I would either be an uber driver or I would work as a computer tech at Fidelity Investments.

Pro Media Mag : Are you currently working on any other project?
DJ Cory P : The new project Iʼm working on is helping the homeless people in New York City . I feel like everyone in my state treats homeless people like they are nothing so I want to help as many homeless people as possible and document it. Then I will upload it on YouTube next year. My main goal is to make sure that anyone who sees this video will want to help more homeless people because they are humans just like all of us.

Pro Media Mag : What are your other hobbies?
DJ Cory P : Traveling & Photography! 

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