Director Matthew John attends his World Premiere of HEDDA GABLER in Oslo, with Marcus Schenkenberg

Director Matthew John attends his World Premiere of HEDDA GABLER in Oslo, with Marcus Schenkenberg


Matthew John and Marcus Schenkenberg have not been spotted together since the parties of The Prince Azim of Brunei and The Sultan of Abu Dhabi. The Prince Azim of Brunei famous for his lavish parties, which the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston would attend. At the Sultan Of Abu Dhabi Cannes party you would find the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


The red carpet premiere was hosted at the Vika, on the 6pm on September 8th in partnership with the Henrik Ibsen Museum. The costumes designed by Ola Wallington will remain on permanent display at the Henrik Ibsen Museum.


Crucially for fans, critics and Ibsen enthusiasts, this is the first time the play has been adapted for cinema using a full suite of heritage locations, exterior scenes and horses and carriages as well as introducing to audiences for the first time, characters only ever referred to in the play. Such lavish treatment showcasing Ibsen’s masterpiece has been welcomed by Ibsen societies for its positive effect celebrating Norwegian culture.

Financed by the Arabic Finance Company, DU Film Finance.

Distributed via Vision Films.

Quote’s from Matthew John:

“There are so many interesting facets in Hedda Gabler’s character. She is a chameleon, changing personality traits as her story unfolds. But what I found most intriguing is that most people in history depict her as a villain, which I never thought she was. I believe she did bad things. But when you look at her world, married to a guy she did not love; trapped in a world where she was denied freedom; born a feminist woman in a sexist age; sexually harassed by a crooked Judge; and then to have her true love (whom she cannot be with) become so entwined in her fate and future. She literally had no control over the consequences of her decisions. Yet she still had the courage, strength, vision and grit to keep dreaming and trying to change it the best way she can.”

Rita Ramnani, Matthew John, Penelope Brooke Hamilton
Photo Credit: Nigel Waldron.


“ I am very fortunate. I feel the best part of this film has been the new friends I have made. The adventures and being part of a great team. Again I feel honoured and blessed to have the support of such amazing friends such as Sir Benjamin Slade, Marcus Schenkenberg and many others.”

Marcus Schenkenberg like Matthew John, has also remained low profile, since the celebrity deaths associated to the Royal Family of Brunei. The Sultan of Brunei made Homosexuality in Brunei a death penalty by stoning. A law that sparked a lot of celebrity protests in Hollywood and London.

Thou there are rumours that Marcus will be moving back to LA to do more acting in the future.

With China Ibsen Festival about the start, I wonder whether the film and its actors will be attending, and weather the Royal Family of Brunei will be present?

Trailer to the movie;



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