Director Marvin Nuecklaus impresses with his recent project Crossroads

Director Marvin Nuecklaus impresses with his recent project Crossroads

Marvin Nuecklaus

The word multi-talented perfectly fits on Marvin Nuecklaus, a director, cinematographer, and editor who has been able to impress his fans and critics with his recent work. Originally hailing from Germany, he has been so busy over the past few years that he has developed a very long resume along with creating some beautiful imagery in some very entertaining movies, TV shows and short films. Marvin Nuecklaus obviously has a great deal of sensitivity when it comes to dealing with other human beings and we expect him to bring it all to the table with his up coming project Crossroads.

Crossroads is about a woman who buried a traumatic event in her childhood and therefore was never able to process it which resulted in a psychological disorder. Marvin has written, directed, produced, and edited the film. By the way he has his own production company ‘Motion In Pictures’ that he started in 2011. From writing the script to post production work, the short film belongs to him and he has done all the justice with this project. Even though he has been working on other projects simultaneously but he hasn’t left any loopholes in this project at all.

Marvin is an artist and a craftsman and he makes fine films, which are highly successful, he feels for the nature, for the people and is on top of emotions whenever he writes. His films and TV shows all have the human touch, thanks to Marvin. The empathy he feels for his characters always comes through and that’s one reason people love to watch his finished projects. Crossroads is no doubt been injected with Marvin’s big heart and his full understanding of this sensitive and hot topic involved in the story.

Within short span of time he has achieved so much in this industry. And this short film in particular has won him so much awards along with appreciation. The film has won the Best Short Competition, also been declared as winner at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, also won the Best Picture award at the UCLAx Film Fest. It was nominated for Best Horror and Best Actress at the North Hollywood Cine Fest. Apart from that it has been selected at so many other award functions all around the USA.

Marvin is now working on some other projects as he has completed his works on Crossroads. He has recently finished working on a remake of the classic German horror film “Nosferatu” directed by David Fischer, starring Doug Jones as Count Orlok. And we also came to know that he is currently writing a psychological horror feature script which he has plans to shoot in 2019.


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