David Michael the multifaceted artist

David Michael the multifaceted artist

There is no doutbt about the talent and abilities of multi-talented David Michael. He is a podcaster, actor, writer and filmmaker who has acted in numerous short films — some of his own and some directed by other Filmmakers. In “The Hit,” David played the character, The Muscle — a hit man past his prime who is now the bosses leg breaker. The film was selected by the Newport Beach Film Festival.

David Michael

David acted in the international short by Ei Arakawa & Nikolas Gambaroff, Plates of Getashen, 2016, 38 min. 40 sec. & David played an Armenia tour guide, who had seen the rougher side of life, but kept a good spirit, even though he’d experienced a lot of bad. In “Jailbird,” David’s role (Dike Ado) was a doctor falsely convicted for a murder 26 years ago and sentenced to death at a soAntonio Belliareuthern prison. His son is on the way to break him out, but will he make it in time.

Essentially, David Michael is a multifaceted artist (podcaster/actor/ filmmaker/writer) who aspires to create works that provoke the viewers to question the world around them, and to express their innate stances on societal issues. In doing so, the art becomes a catalyst for debate and spurs intellectual engagement across cultural divides.

David Michael artist

In the film, Antonio Belliare, David Michael plays the role of Tio Rex, a gang leader who owns his neighborhood—although he does a lot of great things for his community—he still gets his hands dirty. Here he is giving his straight and narrow nephew one more chance to join the family business.

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David Michael is also the Senior Writing Contributor/ Creative Consultant of Mads & Tulle.

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