Dark Triad Shop Got A Really Nice Summer Collection

Dark Triad Shop Got A Really Nice Summer Collection

As my all readers know I am a big fan of shopping. And shopping according to trends and latest fashions is a must. Whenever a new season arrives I love to buy everything new. Dresses, shoes, accessories—I even love to have matching jewelry. One thing I missed, it has to be different from the last season and trending too! The last thing, as you all know, I love to shop online. So for this season I searched and browsed so many online stores for my summer collection. In the process I came across this site named Dark Triad Shop.

I first stopped at the store due to uniqueness of its name. And secondly due to availability of the summer collection on the shop. The third and foremost reason behind my attraction towards this store was due to the availability of all the trending summer dresses, shoes, tops, accessories—and my favorite—jewelry on the store.

First, I went through the dresses. There were really cool and stylish dresses available on the store. Some colorful floral prints, elegant designs, Body slim dresses and tops in so many designs and styles. The prices were also reasonable starting from as low as $16. And I almost forgot to mention, they were offering (offer is still valid) some big discounts on their routine prices. I ordered one body slim dress that caught my eye.

dark triad shop-floral print dress

Then I searched through the shoes section—they were also up to the trends. Stylish looking sandals, shoes, pumps and more choices to select from. My eyes stuck at floral printed footwear. Woah! These were really stylish. So before reviewing the store further for my readers, I ordered the Floral wedges for just $31. They matched the dress I had selected earlier—perfect!

dark triad shop- floral print sandal
Floral Wedges I was talking about

Before buying anything else, I completed the order for the dress and shoes and bookmarked the site. I wanted to check the material used physically before ordering anything else. Since Dark Triad offers FREE shipping, I could order the first dress without having to pay any extra.

My package arrived yesterday, only 10 days later. After opening it, I wasted no time in trying on both of my items. Superb! The material and stitching was even better than what I was guessing from the product pictures on the store. And the fitting was perfect to the size. So It was a big YES to Dark Triad Shop.

So before ordering the rest of my summer collection from Dark Triad, the first thing I am doing now is sharing my experience with my readers here. If you haven’t done your shopping for this summer, Dark Triad Shop is a nice place to shop online. Even if you have completed your shopping, I guarantee you will find something you will love. Shop darktriadshop.com!


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