Cruelty free mineral vegan makeup products by Moon Glimmer Cosmetics

Cruelty free mineral vegan makeup products by Moon Glimmer Cosmetics

Have you ever gone through the ingredients of your cosmetics? I am sure most of you haven’t. Your skin is the most sensitive part and if you won’t give attentions to the products and their ingredients you are applying on your skin you will end up damaging your skin. So I always look for such product that is using natural or vegan ingredients so that it wouldn’t have any after effects on my skin. I recently came across an online store Moon Glimmer Cosmetics offering Cruelty fee mineral makeup.

This shop is licensed through PETA as cruelty-free and vegan. As you know vegan products are not harmful to your skin or body and this company is making Mineral vegan cosmetics in variety of colors. So you will not only enjoy these attractive color shades but will also stay protected from any harms that usually come with chemical based products.

In case you are not aware of what are cruelty free products, the products those are made without bringing any harm to any animal or living are called cruelty free products.  So Moon Glimmer Cosmetics are 100% cruelty free that’s another plus point of using these products.


Apart from ingredients I really liked the vibrant colors they are offering. There are so much variety, I am sure you will definitely find the some as per your liking. There are even many shades in each color i.e. Pink gold, pink beige, grey pink.

As far as prices are concerned, these are reasonable starting from as low as $5.50 . I would highly recommend these products particularly to those who are conscious about their skin and love variant colors. You can checkout the complete products range here

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