Conversation With A Multi Talented Artist Eric Paul Erickson

Conversation With A Multi Talented Artist Eric Paul Erickson

Our team recently interviewed a very talented actor, model and writer Eric Paul Erickson. It was really an interesting conversation that we are sharing here with our readers here.

Pro Media Mag: First tell us a little about your past and start of your Professional Career.
Eric Paul Erickson: I started out as an actor and writer and then took a few years off. During that time I worked as a reporter and a photographer before returning to the other side of the camera.

Pro Media Mag: What inspired you to get into this industry?
Eric: I’m a creative. It’s just who I am. The entertainment industry allows me to be who I am and to express myself.

Pro Media Mag: Writing, Acting, Modeling How do you manage all of this? Your fans would like to know the secret.
Eric: Organization is the key, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at my desk. However, at any given time I can tell you exactly where a project is on its timeline. The major thing is to make sure you devote enough time to each project but not too much time. Balance. And that includes your personal life.

Pro Media Mag: If you are asked to choose only one profession, which one you will go for and why?
Eric: I would probably go for writing, because you can do that no matter what you look like. You don’t have to go to the gym twice a day to work on your abs when you’re just banging out scripts! Seriously, that’s a tough question, but it would probably be writing, but performing is right behind.
eric paul erickson
Pro Media Mag: Which is your best acting venture so far ?
Eric: Um…. That’s tough. At this point, I’d have to say “Last Call at Murray’s.” It was such an intense shoot; it was like an acting school in itself. We shot the entire film on a soundstage in 14 days. Every actor is in every scene because it takes place in a bar. It was an amazing experience and the camaraderie with the other actors was so cool.

Pro Media Mag: Is there anyone you are inspired by?
Eric: There are a lot of people. I get inspired by Dwayne Johnson and what he can do, but I also get inspired by people like my mother and the waitress at a diner who is raising two kids on her own. Inspiration can come from many sources.

Pro Media Mag: You have recently done modeling for book covers, calendars and more. How was your experience?
Eric: It’s a lot of fun. Since they are really only looking for one specific shot or theme, it’s fun because you know the exact parameters to play in. I still shake my head in disbelief when I go to the shoots that I’m actually doing this!

Pro Media Mag: What are the next projects you are working on?
Eric: I mentioned “Last Call at Murray’s” with Michael Gross and John Savage. It’s this great ensemble movie that’s doing the festival circuit right now. This summer I’ll be in the film “Dam Sharks!” which will be premiering on the SyFy channel in July. It should be airing with the new “Sharknado” movie, so that’s gonna be fun. I’ll also be popping up on Michael Bay’s “The Last Ship” this season on TNT.

Pro Media Mag: Looking over to your career one can easily say you are very hard working and dedicated person. What’s motivation behind your work ?
Eric: A few years ago I was very unhappy and unfulfilled. After some life changing events, including the death of a friend of over 20 years, I decided I needed to change everything. I lost over 60 pounds in three months and rebuilt my life approach from the ground up. I feel like I have a second chance at life and I am doing everything I can to take advantage of it and the opportunities that are opening up. I tell people “Never doubt your power” and I am living proof of it.
eric paul erickson
Pro Media Mag: Are you on social media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Eric: They can follow me on following
Instagram: TheAngryViking
Twitter: @eperickson

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