Comfortable and Durable Fluffy Furry Fashion Slipper by Serisimple

Comfortable and Durable Fluffy Furry Fashion Slipper by Serisimple

If a fashion product has quality, style, comfort and reasonable price, it can easily win customer’s heart. Particularly I always love the stuff that give me comfort and have some kind of uniqueness in design. Luckily I recently came across Fluffy Furry Fashion Slipper by Serisimple on amazon. Apart from fluffy with fur on them, these are very soft and comfortable. 

So without wasting any time I ordered these slippers. And I can tell you that’s one of my best recent purchases in footwear. Slippers are made with fabric and fur. Fur used in making is top quality,very softy, you cannot stop feeling them. Heel  is 1.25″ high that’s a perfect height to keep the comfort.

So these slippers have become one of my favorite slippers now. Being very comfortable and soft I love to wear them around my house (even though I had bought them to use within my bedroom). I had tried similar kind of slippers from my local mall a couple of years back ( they had fur on them but not same in quality) but I wasn’t feeling as comfortable in those as in these Serisimple slippers.


As far as price is concerned its reasonable keeping in mind you are buying a good quality fashion product that has durability. So $35.99 is nothing when you can avail so many features of a product. I have focused on durability as durability alone can do the justice with the price they are offering. If you can use the product double or triple time more than the normal or low priced item then its always a better approach to go for the quality product rather then the cheaper one.

Slipper are available in three colors (black, grey and pink). And you can also get a free return on some sizes and colors as well. These are packaged in the USA with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from the makers. And now I can guarantee the comfort and durablity as well. So buy your Fluffy Fur Slipper Now

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