Christine Reidhead – The New Star On The Block

Christine Reidhead – The New Star On The Block

Christine Reidhead

There is always a time for everyone to get out from behind the background and stand in the spotlight. That time is now for Christine Reidhead. As an Assistant Professor and a mother, anyone will feel like they have their hands full but not Christine, for her, all of this, is only just the beginning, a means to an end.

Recently, she was named as one of the top 10 CEOs to watch in 2020. The honorable mention is not related to the hard work she puts into teaching the next generation of college students, but, instead, it is related to the philanthropy work Christine is doing through AFRIKRISING.

AFRIKRISING was founded by Christine Reidhead in 2019 and since then, it has forged great initiatives in giving back. It is not farfetched, the leaders Christine looks up to also have a strong history of advocacy and humanitarian services, even when that meant looking out for others, more than themselves. She counts Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi amongst her role models.

With the belief that life is all about being disciplined, outgrowing hurt and giving back to society, Christine had always envisioned the dream to help people in Africa since she was a child. Her favorite tag line is, “If we have been blessed with a good life, why not give back to help others improve their lives and accomplish their own dreams?” This is the guiding light for AFRIKRISING.

AFRIKRISING, since inception, has been helping to roll back poverty in Africa. Working closely with orphanages on the continent, it has completed several noteworthy projects. With a nine-person board, the non-profit has only just started its upward drive.

As a leader of a non-profit, it is a world that is tasking, but Christine holds it all together. In her free time, she has been working on writing books.  The book, “Get that Job! Ace your Job Interview”, peaked on Amazon’s Number One Bestseller list. She has since started working on a second book.

Christine’s life is dedicated to helping people, either in her capacity as Assistant Professor, a philanthropy lead at AFRIKRISING or her initiative, “Tips To Starting College”, where she gives valuable tips born out of years of working with college students and being an educator herself. She is poised to help college students prepare for and overcome the challenges that the new environment of college can pose.

Christine also has podcasts where she talks about a variety of topics, from sports to non-profits, advocacy, and leadership. She does not do all the talking, as she brings in experienced people to talk and discuss on her podcast. As a student who played sports in college, she knows her way around college sports.

When she is not in class teaching business at Navajo Technical University or parenting her two boys, she is either working on one of her other initiatives, writing her next book or travelling to Mexico for another service project.


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