Celebs Who Wears Best Slim Fit Men’s Suits

Celebs Who Wears Best Slim Fit Men’s Suits

Slim fit men’s suits used to be very popular some decades ago and in in the last few years they have been making a come back. With this trend have you ever wondered which celebrities in the US or in Europe who are leading the trends by preferring slim fit men’s suits?

slim suit1One name that easily comes to mind for fashion watchers or celebrity fans is Scott Disik, the live in partner of one of the Kardashian sisters. If you have been watching their many reality TV shows (that all focus on the lives of the Kardashian clan) you may have noticed that Scott is usually very well dressed especially when he dons his preferred fitted suits. Since Scott is very rich he usually can be seen on the series wearing well made suits – though how he can afford those suits the series does not reveal. The great thing about Scott is that he really knows how to dress up for formal occasions from the neck down which means he knows what formal shirts to wear under his blazer, what neckties go with his suit, and even what socks and shoes are appropriate. The fact that Scott is a very handsome man with a trim body doesn’t hurt either. So if you can overlook his sometimes strange behavior on the reality TV shows you will agree that Scott Disik knows how to wear slim fit men’s suits well.

Ryan Seacrest slim suitAnother male celebrity who can easily carry off the look of slim fit men’s suits is Ryan Seacrest (host of American Idol and a not-so-well-known producer of the Kardashian reality TV shows). You may find it hard to find Ryan Seacrest appearing on TV in short sleeved polo shirts or even a scruffy T shirt and jeans. For some reason, the Ryan Seacrest brand seems to be built around the image of wearing sharp suits that cling closely to the body. The image works though admittedly because he has remained as the sole host of American Idol for years and you can easily find American Idol fans who know him well based on his TV appearances. As a Caucasian male, Ryan may find that his image would be watered down if he tried to use other styles of clothing so for now he seems satisfied wearing his suits on the show.

slim suit2But what about Europe? Are there any celebrities who like slim fit men’s suits there? Sports fans especially those that follow soccer tournaments will probably cite David Beckham as a good candidate for endorser of European slim fit men’s suits. The good thing is that David Beckham is very trim and fit so most suits would probably fit him anyway. But if you consider fitted men’s suits then David Beckham could easily be the poster boy for European fitted suits which is good because he has good brand recall in the minds of many sports fans and fashion watchers throughout the world. In short, fitted men’s suits would probably fly off the shelves when David Beckham serves as the celebrity endorser.

There are many men who wear fitted suits but if you had to follow the style of a particular celebrity, who would that be?

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