Celebrity Designer Perry White, what’s next for his brand!

Celebrity Designer Perry White, what’s next for his brand!

Sharing with our readers, a recent interview with celebrity fashion designer Perry White.  Perry White is an inspirational and exclusive fashion designer, who’s creations have graced the beautiful curves of musical goddesses such as Queen Latifah, Macy Grey, television celebrities such as Nicole Murphy, E.J. Johson, and adorned the shoulders of musical legends such as Prince, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and LL Cool J.
Perry White


When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

It’s not something I every really consciously thought about; fashion design is actually how my mother supported my family, and I just mimicked what she was doing. I remember as a kid her giving me little swatches of fabrics, left over scraps and a needle and thread, and I would just try to do what she did. By the time I got older I was making things for myself, family – my neighborhood! I remember one day somebody saying to me “Oh you’re a fashion designer!” I didn’t even really know what that was at the time, at 13 years old. So then I of course did find out what it was and thought to myself “yes, that’s exactly what I am!” Once I found out what a fashion designer was I just kind of naturally became that and never really thought about what I would do as a career.


What’s it like being in the industry?

I wouldn’t trade it! It’s my passion. Once I get on the cutting board I am relaxed. That moment of design helps me let go of any anxiety, stress, grief and I am free. With that said, this industry does not feel like a job to me. It is my calling.


How do you produce and distribute your designs?

Well it’s interesting because I work on a skeleton crew right now; I am the designer, pattern maker, and I am the production manager! I’ll bring in people as needed to finish heavy production, and I try to do everything in-house, because I feel secure and comfortable maintaining the quality that way.

Right now we are mostly selling through e-commerce, so want the customer receiving a piece to be an entire Perry White experience.


If you could live a day in the life of another creative, who would you choose and why?

I would have to say Prince. He had a vision of his brand, even when others clearly didn’t understand or believe in it; and he stood by it. He didn’t waver or doubt. How daring and bold he was to wear feminine style clothing, hairstyles, and makeup? Even his music and production style was completely different, and he stayed with it throughout his entire career. I respect his boldness and complete certainty.


What are the primary changes you’ve noticed in the field of design these past few years?

Well there’s been a lot of changes over the past few years. People are very money conscious these days. People’s mindset about purchasing a garment is a lot different versus back in the day. Most people have set many priorities before purchasing a garment. The difference between now and the 90’s is that now, clothing has to be recyclable versus back when [consumers] would purchase almost on a weekly basis for something to go out in. The industry has a lot of new challenges!


What’s your best trait?

The best trait of the brand is combining sophistication and edginess with ease and comfort. My brand can give women the ability to look easy and unpretentious, but at the same time, feel like she is hot and the life of the party, all rolled into one. It almost like putting your pajamas on with a fur coat! [Laughs]


What is it like designing for EJ King?

Designing for EJ is like discovering a completely new category of fashion, as he is totally open to trying new and different things all of the time, he is not interested in playing by any rules, he want to be a trend setter and we are perfectly matched in that aspect as I am free to push the boundaries each and every time we work on a project.


You can shop Perry White’s design at www. perrywhite.la
Or for further updates you can follow her on Instagram @ PerryWhite.LA

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