Celebrity Appeal Secrets

Celebrity Appeal Secrets


Having the ideal Marilyn Monroe figure is the dream of almost every woman on the planet. Her body type and figure is still considered as the perfect curvy shape. Having a full cleavage and a round butt is the ideal combination. Women today are preoccupied with looking good, working out and having the perfect body shape. They are constantly under pressure of having round and peachy booties and full cleavages but not everyone is gifted with that package. Because of that most women decide to undergo surgeries for breast and butt augmentation. There are more and more doctors around the world who declare themselves to be Gods. They can make miracles- reshape and reconstruct your body. Breast augmentation and butt implants are very common these days. Nearly every celebrity has done something to fix their appearance.

But not everyone is a fan of surgeries. Firstly because they cost a lot and secondly because there can be a lot of complications. With the breast augmentation procedure you have to keep in mind that the implants should be changed from time to time. Also the size is always a problem. There are women that clearly know what size they want, what cup, they have a whole image created in their minds. But sometimes expectations are not the same as reality. There are women that after the surgery are not satisfied with the size and the never ending story begins. After the first one, they undergo a second and even third procedure. There are also situations where after a few years women want the implants removed and want their natural look. But after one enhancement the look of the breasts will never be the same.

Butt surgeries give the same results. If the workouts for butt enhancement are not effective and don’t bring you the wanted results there are butt surgeries, implants and fillers. Putting implants inside your butt can be risky and the final result will be an enormous buttocks. After a few years the implants can change and the look of the butt stars to change. This simply does not look natural. Nicky Minaj is one of the examples of an overdone implant surgery. She wanted that huge, unrealistic booty that is not in scale with her overall body. You can see from far away that those are two huge implants and that is not the main idea. Also there is Kim Kardashian who naturally has a curvy hourglass body but she also uses fillers. She filled her butt with fillers made from fats that came from other parts of her body. So the butt looks more natural but her size is what makes it unreal.

On the other hand, there are women that are not the biggest fans of surgeries. Because it costs a lot of money and there are usually some complications. Therefore, nearly every beauty company has invented their unique formulas for breast and butt enhancement. There are creams and lotions that claim to do miracles. Also there are supplements for growth such as pills that are all natural. Kylie Jenner is one of the celebrities that admits to using fillers and enhancers and we can see that she loves using them.

There are a lot of creams and supplements that can naturally help you enhance the size of your bust or booty. The creams are usually more time consuming due to the fact that they have to be applied for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. That  makes the cream penetrate the tissues and stimulate them to grow. All of these creams are also good for toning, hydrating and nourishing your booty and breasts. Usually regular workouts and clean eating is not enough if you want to see some real improvement. You need something that will stimulate the cells from the inside out. Most of these creams and pills are also good for cellulite and stretch marks. They will erase the cellulite and fill the marks. Most product claim to contain ingredients that are natural and perfectly safe.

The market for beauty is expanding every day. There are more and more inventive and unique formulas that promise miracles. Apex Vitality has made  two great supplements for booty and breast growth. Apex Booty Pop and Miracle Bust are the two amazing supplements that will make miracles happen. They are natural and pure and their formulas contain the best and most effective ingredients. Having a round booty and amazingly shaped breasts is now easier to attain thanks to these amazing supplements and creams.

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