Catching Up With Jon Adams: Past To Present

Catching Up With Jon Adams: Past To Present

When it comes to Hollywood, you are either busy, or you likely aren’t seeing much traction. Well, it’s safe to say, with Jon Adams, he is busy. 

As many of you may know (or may not know), Jon Adams doesn’t take breaks. From writing, acting, producing and directing, Jon stays busy. 

Jon Adams is an actor, director, producer and writer. He has built a successful career in the entertainment industry with over 20 film credits to his name. If you haven’t already, check out his IMDB for the full credits. 

Jon continues to work steadily while pursuing new projects in film, theater and writing.  As someone with a passion for the creative arts., as you will see, Jon has his talented hand in many projects. From screenplays to stages, Jon is always moving forward. 

We caught up with him recently for some questions about past and present projects as well as what’s next for this multifaceted artist.

So, without further ado, let’s catch up with Jon Adams. 

Past Projects From Jon Adams

Jon Adams, born in Puerto Rico, Jon was always attracted to Hollywood and his creative side. 

When Jon was 2 years old, he moved from Puerto Rico to the mainland and has been bouncing between living in Las Vegas and shooting all over the world ever since. 

Since 2011, Jon has been no stranger to making films both in front and behind the camera. Jon has been involved in the writing, producing, acting and directing of films. 

From his early executive producer roles in Infirmity, to his recent Scifi TV series, Neurosis, Jon has been active for over a decade in the industry. 

Current Projects From Jon Adams

Jon recently finished up on the release of “Death Count”, where he worked alongside some of the most iconic horror directors and producers in this industry, including: Jon Adams (Black River), Robert Dujmusic (Lockdown) which has secured over 100 actors to appear on camera for this project – many from respected franchises such as Reservoir Dogs or Saw IV. 

In Death Count, the film follows a group of strangers who are held captive in individual cells with no memory of how they got there. 

Soon, they realize that it’s part of an online game if they don’t get enough “likes” within a timely manner, and they will die horrible death at the hands of some otherworldly executioner. 

That is, unless someone can find their way out before then, or else start playing! Remember, “time waits for no one”.

All these people coming together make up an incredible group effort which will show off their talents once we finally get our chance at seeing what they’ve created!

You could say we are excited about this one!

As previously mentioned, Jon is also actively working on the Science Fiction T.V. series, Neurosis where Jon is the lead writer and creator. 

But, it doesn’t stop there for current Jon Adams projects. You can also find Jon these days on the set of Bermuda Island in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

Currently, Jon has been gearing up for his latest release where he has teamed up (for the 3rd time) with Mahal Empire for this feature film. For this release, Jon was cast as the FBI Agent “Lewis” and is also an executive producer on this film. 

In Bermuda Island, a passenger jet plane with dozens of people aboard goes down in a deadly tropical storm over the Bermuda Triangle. 

With little resources and no help in sight, the survivors find themselves fighting for more than just survival. 

As they are fighting for survival on an island hundreds miles away from their original flight path, but it seems like paradise during daylight hours – until night time comes when blood-sucking creatures emerge from caves to attack them! 

As you can see, this one looks good! 

But it doesn’t stop there when it comes to Jon Adams ever-evolving resume. Quietly, Jon has been writing for years and compiling a list of projects.

Currently, Jon has 17 scripts he is working on, some complete and in the process of getting slated and made. So, as you can see, Jon stays busy!

What’s In The Future For Jon?

That’s a great question! 

Jon’s focus moving forward is staying true to his creative passions. Whether it’s music, art, or conversations with the universe, Jon is inspired to tell stories and then share them with the world through film, theater and novels.

Jon stays busy writing and pursuing creative passions that take him all over the world, from theatre stage to the silver screen. 

Between these current films and writings, Jon doesn’t seem to have a slow-down in his projects any time soon. 

How to Connect With Jon

Aside from Jon’s impressive filmmaking resume, Jon has created Sand Script Media Inc. 

Sand Script Media Inc. is an entertainment company that partners with top creators – from independent filmmakers to big Hollywood and Nevada studios such as Greyson Studios, to film and produce movies.

Jon Adams is an American Hollywood professional with a long list of artistic accolades. As producer, director, writer and actor, he’s done it all.

From Neurosis to Bermuda Island, there are many projects you can look forward to with Jon Adams and his growing, yet impressive resume. 

We can’t wait to see what else this inspiring creative has up his sleeve! 

To learn more about Jon Adams and how you might connect with him visit, or check his social profiles on IMDB, Instagram, and Twitter.

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