Buy Smiling Times T shirts to help a good cause

Buy Smiling Times T shirts to help a good cause

Do we live for any social or human cause? Or we do live only earn and spend money on ourselves and on our dear ones? I am sure majority of you will fall in the second category that’s living for ones own self. But there are a few who do volunteer. They live for a cause. They do live for others.We recently came across on e such person named Nelson Santos. He is currently volunteering around the world.

He started by giving helping hand to the NGOs around the world. But once he realized he need to push himself up to do something bigger. So he came up with “Smiling Times‘. He founded Smiling Times to spread smiles and good messages through his T shirts. Each T shirt has a unique, eye catching and a noble message. So when you wear it you are actually promoting the good message around.

Buying and wearing the Smiling Times T shirts is not the only way you are helping the cause. By buying you are actually giving donation as well. As Nelson Santos gives 10% of the money he gets from selling T shirts to the NGOs around the world. No specific ones as he travels a lot for the sake of humanity so whatever NGO he feels to be deserving he spends the money on it.

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It’s really a big deal volunteering oneself for a good cause and living your life for others. There is no doubt Nelson is doing a good thing. While we are all busy in our lives he is busy for the lives of others. As its hard to take out time and volunteer oneself for such good cause why not help and support the people who have actually volunteered ?

So start supporting today and buy Smiling Times T shirts for a cause

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