Burning fat was never been so fun !

Burning fat was never been so fun !

Often as a fitness professional I get asked for some advice on getting rid of more belly fat and whether or not you can do this by doing some abdominal exercises like sit ups and crunches. This an example of a typical gym myth and is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are working out and want to lose weight.

Typical Question

“I want to do some extra work on my lower ab’s, my big problem area is my belly fat and I want to tone up in the next month. I have read that a lot of belly weight can be controlled by diet or excessive exercise, I am sticking to the eating plan, also following a tough workout routine, however I just wanted to know if there is anything extra I can do to tone this area?”

Basically it is virtually impossible to spot reduce body fat through exercise. To put is as simply as possible doing more sit-ups, crunches or planks is not going to force your body to access and use the fat from that area or your body.I strongly believe that fat stored around the abdomen or the belly is primarily due to the actions of a hormone name Cortisol.

Cortisol which is a stress hormone.Cortisol is released from the adrenal glands which are found just above the kidneys. This is released in times of stress. One of this hormones main jobs is to elevate blood glucose levels and it is part of the “fight or flight” response.This is your body’s way of getting some extra emergency energy into the bloodstream when under physical, mental or even emotional stress. You can even be stressed from over-training or doing too much exercise.High levels of cortisol, which can be taken as high levels of stress (or lack of sleep) can contribute to the storage of fat around the belly. In addition to this stress can also stimulate your appetite and lead you eating more and more.

Now you will be thinking how can I Reduce Stress and Lower Cortisol? Very simple. Intense workout routine will only bring more stress and increase cortisol level so as some diet plans.

So first of all you need to take good care of your sleep so that stress level can be brought down. Get to bed by 10:30pm and sleep for about 8 hours. Learn to relax and practice ways of relaxing either in the form of yoga, meditation or even by using relaxation mp3s or CDs. And if you would ask my recommendation, I would suggest you to go for some dance sessions.

Yes you heard me right. Dancing is the best remedy for fat burn. Through dancing (Proper dancing) you can not only burn fat but also will be able to reduce stress level. Listening to your favorite music and dancing along with it will surely help you reduce your stress and getting relax. But their is a catch here. Not all dance techniques would work in achieving your goals rapidly. You need to dance in sessions and follow some particular routine to get effective results.

You can search for some dance club near you for dance classes but make sure they got some expert who knows how to use dance therapy for fat burn. I know most of you have tough routine. It’s pretty hard to take out some time for that. And it’s pretty hard to find some dance school near you as well.

dance therapy

In that case I would suggest you try out an online dance class Online healing dance therapy. There are so many benefits of going for online dance class. First of all you will be able to dance at the comfort of your home. Secondly instead of dancing with strangers in some dance school, you can dance with your family and kids at your home. Thirdly this therapy is particularly programmed for burning fat. So you will be able to achieve your desired result within no time. And dance is not only helpful for body fitness, but it’s also a perfect mediation for healing your mind.

So instead of going for intense workout routine and following different diet plans for burning fat, you should try out dance healing therapy. In that way you will be able to control your stress hormone as well. And if you are still reluctant, you can take a FREE First Call before you move on. As Online Healing Dance Therapy is offering First class Free !!


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