Best appliances to have in a kitchen

Best appliances to have in a kitchen

There was a time when kitchen used to be very simple. No appliance or something like that. But since the invention of these things our work has become easy. There are dozens of things we can point out. But here are few of those which are essential for the kitchen.


Refrigerator :

A big must have. We use it to store cooked and uncooked food to keep their freshness intact and minimise wastage. So a fridge or freezer is an essential part.

Water Purifier:

In most parts of the world water is a big issue. So to removes impurities and germs from water water purifier is the best option.  making it safe to consume.

Microwave Oven:

There was a time when an oven can only heat the food. But now with the latest oven , you can cook, back It was essentially used to heat cooked food but the newer versions can cook and bake too.

Coffee Maker:

It’s largely used to brew coffee. And with the introduction of automatic coffee machine now, making coffee has become easy. There is no doubt an automatic coffee machine is an essential element of kitchen now days.

Dish Washer:

Most of us might not have used it but there is no doubt it’s an essential for a good kitchen.You can use it to clean dishes and vessels.


Although it’s a pretty small appliance but it’s just another must have. You can use is to toast multiple types of bread

Food Processor:

It’s an electronic device that is similar to a blender. But actually it can perform multiple function on same machine such as grate, shred, chop, mince etc.


You need to have this at any cost in your house. You can have a juice of fruits, herbs etc .

Sandwich Maker:

You love sandwiches? It’s the best choice. It’s used to toast sandwiches in an easy manner.

So these are some of the appliances those are essential for your kitchen. There are so many others we can put in the list such as roti maker, deep fryer/air fryer etc.

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