Believe It or Not – Most Women Love Bearded Guys

Believe It or Not – Most Women Love Bearded Guys

Yes they do ! Although it depends women to women, and men to men too. Even if some women generally don’t like bearded men, they do like their men to grow beard. And in recent years the beard is so much in that sportsmen, actors, models and celebrities from so many other fields have grown facial hair. And the most of fans those are loving their bearded looks are women.


Now question arises what women actually love in bearded guys? When asked, here are some of the reasons we got from the women.

  • Beard gives more masculine look
  • It portrays more maturity
  • It’s like a symbol of strength in men and have an edge to their personality
  • Some women feel nice when they run fingers across it
  • It adds to the style and grace in the personality

Some of these women said, they didn’t actually liked the men with beard but once they saw their men with beard they were impressed.

It also depends on men themselves how they carry their facial hair. Some beard styles don’t suit every other guy. One must grow beard according to his face features and body shape. There are plenty of beard styles we can notice in previous years and some of them will stay in fashion in 2017 and they are some more to come in beard styles for 2017.

Whether you want to grow short beard or a long one or you want to color your beard you got so much styles you can choose. You can even go with epic beard style or follow some celebrity in his beard style. All depends on your liking and obviously what beard style your partner will like. But surly if you will grow your beard according to the beard style trends and as per your face shape, your woman will love it.



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