Beauty Spray Is The New Effing Amazing Product You Didn’t Know You Needed

Beauty Spray Is The New Effing Amazing Product You Didn’t Know You Needed

Welcome to the new hot spot of ultimate Lazy Girl hacks. We’re here to scour the web and stalk the most savage beauty experts to share irresistible makeup and beauty tutorials, how-to’s for every level of makeup user, the hottest new beauty products you have to try, and the best of tried & true lazy girl beauty hacks.

Because really, who has time to keep up with any of that shit?

That’s how Lazy Girl Luxe Beauty Spray was born. Literally. I didn’t have time for that.

Beauty Spray is an entirely new product. Lazy Girl Luxe is the first and only brand with anything like it. This is going to be your new must-have beauty staple, even in a financial apocalypse. It does the parts of your beauty routine that you hate to do, in one step. Goodbye countertop graveyards with products that suck, don’t deliver what they promise, and are just too damn time consuming.

Our mother’s always said “Beauty is pain“. But we’re 100% over it. Our beauty products need to keep up with us and do double-duty. Because we value our time and our money.

With Lazy Girl Luxe, beauty is easy. Beauty is quick. Beauty is kissing everything in your routine you hate goodbye. Forget those crappy makeup wipes that never work, gooey moisturizer bottles that leak in your makeup bag, body sprays that make you smell like sugar-coated crap, dried up baby wipes, messy shaving products that never fully prevent irritation or embarrassing bumps, and the endless list of expensive products that you thought would save you your skin but failed.

We’re Introducing a Bomb-Ass Product You Didn’t Know You Needed

In and of itself, it IS ultimate beauty hack. Here’s what it does.

1. Makes Shaving a Non-Issue

It lubricates your skin for shaving. So like, no shaving cream or water needed. This is like no other product you’ve experienced for this purpose, so we understand you may be thinking….Wait, what? How?

You’ll cleanse the area to be shaved using our Beauty Spray on a cotton round and then spritz the Beauty Spray 1-2 times onto your razor. Next, you’ll shave the area. Then just dry yourself off.  It’s that simple. When you use it for the first time there’s a chance you’ll freak out about how easily the razor glides over your skin and the smooth, soft skin you’ll experience afterwards. We did. And everyone we got to try it did. (Note: You will have to rinse your razor every so often to remove the hair if you are shaving a large area. Then just repeat the spritzing of the razor before you shave again.) You won’t need to rinse the Beauty Spray off of your skin, though. For real. This is a new way to shave fast af and nearly dry with no mess and no bumps or irritation. You won’t really get it until you try it for yourself.

2. Cleanses, Moisturizes and Removes Makeup

It cleanses and it removes every drop of makeup in one step like magic. You swipe and you’re done. No rinsing. Beauty Spray leaves your skin super clean and moisturized instead of dry & tight. If you apply any makeup with your fingers, Beauty Spray works great to clean up that mess as well. For those of us who multitask by doing our makeup on the way to work to sneak in just 10 more minutes of sleep, you’re going to want to keep an extra bottle in the car.

3. Helps You Fake A Shower

It helps you stay fresh when you can’t shower. You can use Beauty Spray to freshen up anywhere on your body when showering is not an option. It’s great after a workout, before an unexpected afterwork date, an overnight stay with a new..uh…friend, and the list goes on.

4. Washes Away The Nasty & Makes You A Better Human Being

It can be used to clean yourself after using the restroom. Instead of being a terrible human being and ruining our planet or clogging the sewer with flushable wipes that won’t dissolve, you can spritz Beauty Spray onto your toilet paper to wash up. So until America adopts the use of bidets, this is the new gold standard of clean bootay.

So let’s review.

Take care of cleansing, makeup removalmoisturizing, freshening up, and shaving while feeling absolutely indomitable. You save time. You save money. You win. You’re a #bossbitch.

P.S. Beauty Spray is cruelty free and works amazing on all skin types, young & old. Sensitive skin types, too!

The secret to why Beauty Spray works so well is that our gentle formula is infused with crafty yet infinitesimal molecules which absorb dirt like a boss and pure, natural botanicals that love on your skin to calm and moisturize. This combination of minimal, high quality ingredients comes together to change how you do life.

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