Are You Using SLS Free Shampoo?

Are You Using SLS Free Shampoo?

I had always been a commercial oriented person. Whenever I had come across a commercial of any new product particularly beauty product and shampoo, I had gone for it. I had never thought about the ingredients of those products. Until a couple of years ago I came to know about presence of an ingredient known as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in majority of the shampoos. Didn’t have any idea that I should be using SLS free shampoo.


This chemical is used in washing powder and detergents for deep cleaning purpose. So when its used in our shampoo and our scalp and hair are cleaned through this chemical, it results in damaged scalp and hair fall. Our skin and hair are very sensitive and SLS has very bad effect on your hair. And it can also cause skin irritation, cataracts in adults if it comes in contact with eyes.

Talking about its main effect the hair loss, we all know that everyone sheds almost 100 hair everyday. You might be thinking that you had been using these SLS shampoos, why haven’t you become bald yet? The answer is if you keep on using SLS Shampoo one day you will lose all your hair. As you might not have noticed but it may have caused to shed some extra hair. And takes out the life out of your hair.

When I came to know about the ingredient in our majority of shampoos I thought about using shampoos with the tag lines such as hair fall solutions etc. But to my surprise they all got SLS present in them. A product containing the ingredient that actually causes the hair fall claiming to be fighting with hair fall. Waoo! Isn’t it ironical ?

So I had done my research and was surprised how many SLS free shampoo manufacturers are there, and I’ve never seen most of the labels in a normal store. All of them can be found in Wholefoods or online on iherb website, which is usually cheaper, as iherb has those neverending sale promotions, plus the iherb coupon that gives a discount at your first order. My favourites at iherb so far are Avalon and Aubrey Organics. Also I have not only been using SLS free shampoo but also purchased other natural products from iherb. As the natural is always better.

And at the end I will advise to check the ingredients of you shampoo before using it. Inspect labels. And always go for SLS free shampoo. As only a bald can tell you exactly, what is the importance of hair.

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