Are you looking for a beauty and fashion advice?

Are you looking for a beauty and fashion advice?

I am always open to any beauty and fashion related advice. For that I mostly search videos on YouTube. During one such search I recently came across a beauty channel on YouTube that really inspired me. Its owned by a 27 years old beauty and fashion expert Lizette.

lizette beauty channe;

She started it as a beauty channel posting stuff related to beauty, fashion and hair. Main focus of this channel is on these three aspects, but on inquiry she told us that she has a plan of including life advice, as well.

Here is a short introduction of her channel from Lizette herself.

She wants everyone visiting her channel to enjoy her videos and she is open to suggestions as well. If you want to see some particular stuff you can ask her.

To subscribe to her channel or watch the videos visit Lizette’s B3auty Channel


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