Are You Forgetting About Your Lips?

Are You Forgetting About Your Lips?

Lips are no less than the symbol of sensuality and sexuality on the human face. They are the softest, most textural area that we show to the public. Besides your eyes, they are the brightest, most expressive facial organ. They readily draw the eyes and intimately reflect the nature of the human behind them. Don’t forget about your lips.

Lips are a tactile organ. They have an incredibly high number of nerve endings, making them incredibly sensitive to warmth and touch. Allowing your lips to get dry or cracked will deprive you from a wealth of sensual experience, so keep them hydrated with a lip balm; perhaps from eos .

Because of their tactility, they are a highly erogenous area of the human body. A woman’s lips are nothing short of a physical representation of her fertility. Psychologists have determined that attractiveness in a woman is closely linked to her hormonal makeup during puberty. Estrogen levels will serve to create a youthful facial structure into adulthood. One main expression of this estrogen activity is the size of a woman’s eyes and the plumpness of her lips. A woman’s lips are nothing short of a biological indicator of her fertility and health. Neglecting your lips will unconsciously speak to others around you. You don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

Change in appearance of our lips can even tip us off to other health problems. If you find yourself frequently applying chapstick, your lips probably aren’t the issue, you’re just dehydrated. Paleness indicates a lack of exposure to the sun and vitamin D deficiency. Swelling and tenderness often means an allergic reaction

A woman’s lips are so evocative that many cultures ask women to cover them. We are lucky to live without such restrictive social norms. We owe it to ourselves to remember the health and appearance of our lips on a daily basis.

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