Archi : An innovative idea in footwear that will change the world

Archi : An innovative idea in footwear that will change the world

Looking for some easy for wear shoes that has versatility, style and comfort? The one that’s durable and made of quality material. Its a hard task searching for one with all these qualities, particularly if you are looking in affordable price range. But Archi is here to fill this gap. What’s Archi ? Archi is an idea of producing unique kind of shoe with all the qualities you would be looking for in an ideal shoe. Its comfortable, easy to wear, durable, versatile, made of quality material and best of all affordable.

At the moment the idea of Archi is in process. The people behind Archi not only want to bring comfort to our feet but also want to do something for our community. As consumers we found ourselves over paying for low quality products, that weren’t doing anything for our community back in return. The nomads versatile style makes them perfect for pairing with any outfit. With minimalist stylish design, you can wear your shoes with literally anything. A perfect pair of shoes for any occasion

Normally the comfortable shoes available in the market are not stylish. That’s not the case with shoes in discussion. Nomads are stylish and trendy designs by highly skilled designers. High quality material is used in the production that makes these shoes durable as well.

And that’s not all. The company is not only on mission to bring comfort to our lives but they are also using a large part of their earning to help the community. 25% of every item they sell will be applied to the noble cause. They are on mission to help out different issues our society is facing. Those platforms include education,entrepreneurship,orphanages. The company wants to contribute to long term solutions to these issues.

So they have taken the first step and came up with this great idea. Now its our duty to help them achieve their target. Our support can help them bring comfort to our feet as well to live of our youth. Currently they are having a campaign on Kickstarter. We need to back them on kickstarter so that this idea can be converted into a reality with ease.

If you want more information you can follow them on Instagram as well.

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