An Interview With Lila Serezhkina

An Interview With Lila Serezhkina

Lila seems to never stop working, thinking or creating. She is one of those rare people who must be an artist –her life and the world around her is her canvas. There simply is no other way for her to live. She is famous for her new style – creation Photosculpure series, films including, Killing Me, Merger, Tales and After Six.

Lila Serezhkina

How did you become so creative, professional and successful?

I graduated from Stroganov Moscow State Art University. It happened for me when a photo became an extension of the painting, but in a much more modern way. I worked with models and actors, but that was not enough, something was missing. I wanted to remake them, “decorate” them. Since that moment, I have deeply and for a long time become interested in psychology -esoterica, astrology and other scientific tools that would help me understand people and find the necessary triggers in order to retouch them.

What kind of your discovery regarding people has really shocked you?

People do not need to alter and decorate because, in general, they already have this radiance, this light, ideal, that a person is unlikely to be able to invent. Most often this is called the soul, the root cause, everything else is strung on it, including our fears, complexes, ambitions and various masks to get out of people. And if you know how to see it, then the real beauty will open, completely independent of the shape of the nose, the length of the legs, outfits and makeup and this something I really wanted to share.

What is the purpose of your projects?

The purpose of my project is to draw the people’s attention to their pure and primitive state; each model was deeply shocked by the beauty of the face. This beauty hardly hides in fine features or artistic makeup, but only in harmony with itself and the world around. This is our skill that we purposefully try to forget, and each time we are surprised, when we return to it by sudden twinges. Masks are casts of souls; casts – not suppressed but esteemed by the mind. I combine sculptural elements with photo so, each work becomes an art object due to transition from the flatness into the additional dimension.

Who of the creative, famous people has influenced you the most? Who was your teacher?

I had a mentor, -Vitaly Komar ,and it would be impossible to count all the ways that he’s helped me in my career. He has been an exemplary and visionary mentor, a great leader who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity. I appreciate and treasure everything he has taught me. Vitaly Komar was Born in Moscow , USSR in 1943, graduated from the Stroganov School of Art and Design in 1967, and has been living in New York since 1978. He is one of the founders of the Sots Art movement (Soviet Pop/Conceptual Art) and a pioneer of multi- stylistic post-modernism.

You have done commercial photoset for Moscow ́s biggest luxury real estate company and a Moscow 1st prize winner. Could tell us about your experience regarding this huge contract?

It was a competition through several famous Moscow photographers to create something unique for this big company. After winning I signed a contract to be the main photographer and visual creator for all commercials for the last two years. It was an amazing experience which gave me the opportunity to work with famous Russian actors and models.

What are your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve and which direction would you like to pursue next?

Today I live in Los Angeles and my life is filled with two directions: a photo and video of a short format – clips, advertising, short films; and the creation of the third series of Photosculptures -which is completely an exhibition project. My only plan is to continue to be in the process of creating visual harmony, I just really love to do it.



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