An Interview With All 4 One’s Jamie Jones About Staying Productive And Creative During The Pandemic

An Interview With All 4 One’s Jamie Jones About Staying Productive And Creative During The Pandemic

Throughout 2020, our health (both mentally and physically) has been the most important thing we have had to take care of -above everything else. Being an artist both in the studio and in front of an audience, what are the most important steps you feel that contribute to giving your best performance?

For me sleep is super important before a show. If I don’t get good rest, I don’t feel like I can do my best. Also, I never drink alcohol before a show as it dries you out. I don’t really drink much anyways.  

How have you stayed creative during such uncertain times? Is it automatic for you, or did you have to reach deep, to get to that space?

Well I have traveled with a recording studio with me at all times for the last 10 years or so. I have also always had a recording studio at home and I have a commercial space as well. Since the lock down, I’ve been at home but it’s been basically the same for me since I’ve always worked at home when I’m not on the road or at my commercial studio with clients. I’ve always been a creative person and it wasn’t hard for me  

What have you learned more and more about yourself over the years, since being in the music business?

I’ve learned what really makes me happy as far as my music is concerned. I’ve also learned to stay true to that and not stray. I’ve realized that there are people in the world who listen and love music the same way I do. 

It seems that in the beginning of a music career, there is a lot more pressure to prove yourself being a new artist/band. When did you reach the point, where you just put it all in God’s hands? Or has that always been the case for you?

I think the pressure to succeed is always there. As I got older I just realized that it’s not in my hands to make people accept it. I can only put my best foot forward, give my all and pray for the best.

What has been one of the biggest highlights for you throughout the pandemic and something you will always take with you, wherever you go?

I think one of the biggest things the pandemic has done is brought my family even closer together. It’s made us sit down and talk and watch more movies or go for drives. It’s been one of the silver linings of the pandemic. 

Lastly, what is your best piece of advice for other artists/aspiring artists/musicians/producers trying to have a successful career?

You have to always remember why you’re doing this and stay passionate about it. Nothing in life is easy, everything gets hard at some point. If it were easy, everyone would do it. You have to stay the course, hold on to your faith and never give up. It may not happen immediately, but it’ll never happen if you quit! 

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