An exclusive interview with Zevallos brand owner

An exclusive interview with Zevallos brand owner

We recently had a conversation with Zevallos brand owner about start of her shoe brand and other things our readers would be interested to know.

Pro Media Mag : what are you currently working on now?
Zevallos : I have a few new products coming up . We’re currently working on our winter collection . Also our YouTube channel. We’re working, setting up a few pop up shops in various cities .

Pro Media Mag :  within the short period of time you’re been designing, have you seen a change in the field?
Zevallos : As far as the consumer , I would have to say yes . There is a wide margin of women who rather not pay 1000.00 for a pair of pumps anymore . Females tend to stick to what’s comfortable, i’m seeing more and more clients who simply refuse to pay the prices for high end shoes . our clients prefer custom .

Pro Media Mag : How did you start Zevallos . I think your shoes are simply amazing . What inspired you ?
Zevallos : Thank you . I’ve always had a massive shoe collection. I started getting a friend of mines to make shoes for me . She worked for a major factory who made shoes for tons of major brands . After literally not being able to go anywhere in my custom shoes without have people stopping to ask “where did you get those shoes ” I created Zevallos. My friends and family is my main inspiration. I could have not done anything with out them and god .

Pro Media Mag : Where do you live ? Must be lots of high fashion in your city . I see you work with lots of boot and colors.
Zevallos : I live in Philadelphia pa. My city is not known for fashion at all . I definitely got my eye for fashion from. Y grandmother . Still to this day she gets dressed and just WOWs us all. She’s the most elegant grandmother ever.

Pro Media Mag : Can you describe a typical day for you?
Zevallos : I don’t sleep straight through . I have employees all over the world . I get up a few times during the night to work with them. I wake up for good about 6am get my daughter and sons to class . Meet my husband and have breakfast then attend my morning meeting . From that point Zevallos takes its own direction, with a mix of variables including time sampling materials , talking with material factories , store owners, photo shoots etc . My days are full .

Pro Media Mag : who’s your target customer
Zevallos : All women . We want them to know there is no limit . We make shoes from sizes US 4-15

Pro Media Mag :  any children or men shoes coming soon ?
Zevallos : We’re always being asked . As of now we have no plans on adding men or children shoes .

Pro Media Mag : Do you have a blog ?
Zevallos : Yes please see our website click on our blog.

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