An exclusive interview with Talented Australian Actress, Nerida Bronwen

An exclusive interview with Talented Australian Actress, Nerida Bronwen

This week in our interview section we will be having talented, professional Actress, Nerida Bronwen with us. She is an Australian Actor, who has finally made the move to Los Angeles after coming back and fourth a lot but predominantly working in Australia. She has had a serious passion for acting since the tender age of four, after she got the lead role in her kindy production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Since then she never looked back.

Photo by Alex Vaughan

She not only took proper education in this field but also got trained by various different teachers and coaches, in both Australia and the United States. She is a rare multi-talent who has exercised her skill in all mediums, from Film, Television, Stage, Street theatre, Singing and also painting. She holds a Black belt in Karate and is a keen runner and swimmer.

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?

Nerida Bronwen : Well I’ve pretty much been acting my whole life, after I decided at 4 years old it was what I wanted to do. The first professional work I ever did was as a school girl on sets like Home and Away when I was 14. I went on to get a Theatre Degree after high school and have continued to work and train as an actor pretty much ever since.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into acting?

Nerida Bronwen : It was definitely a ‘what’. I remember being so sure, after playing Snow White in my kindergarten play. I remember as soon as I grasped the concept of ‘An Actor’, I was like “Yeah THAT!”

Nerida in Dumbsaint's 'Disappearance In A Minor Role Part I'
Nerida in Dumbsaint’s ‘Disappearance In A Minor Role Part I’

Pro Media Mag : You took some classes for learning acting? Or it’s all about the experience?

Nerida Bronwen : I have taken many, many classes for acting. I do agree that experience is also very important . However, I believe in honing you’re skills and understanding of how to work and prepare as an Actor, to best do the characters you play justice. It also takes a deep understanding of yourself, your humanity, and your body and voice as your instrument. Since graduating college with a Bachelors degree in Performance Drama, I’ve worked with many coaches, both here in LA and back home in Australia. Elizabeth Kemp, Larry Moss, Anthony Brandon Wong, Rowena Balos, Suzie Steen, Chris Holder, are just a few I’ve been blessed to be able work with.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recent projects?

Nerida Bronwen : One of my most recent projects is a Web Series named: 600 Bottles of Wine. I play a women named Nat, who aids her recently single friend in navigating ‘singledom’, one night stands and new relationships. I’m really excited about this one, we just got accepted into LA WEBFEST, and nominated for a bunch of awards! I’ll be attending that in April. It was Written by Grace Rouray, Directed by Ainslie Clouston and Produced by Bec Bignell. You can follow us on Instagram at @600bottlesofwine.

600 bottles of Wine L-R: Grace Rouvray, Nerida Bronwen, Nancy Denis and Stephanie Baine
600 bottles of Wine L-R: Grace Rouvray, Nerida Bronwen, Nancy Denis and Stephanie Baine

Pro Media Mag : Any particular motive behind moving to Los Angeles?

Nerida Bronwen : It’s Hollywood Baby! It’s been a long term goal of mine as an Actor. I love being an Australian Actress, but the undeniable fact is that there is simply far less opportunity down under, and I’m hungry for more consistent work.

Nerida Bronwen Photo by Alex Vaughan
Photo by Alex Vaughan

Pro Media Mag : What kind of difference have you found between the Australian and American industry?

Nerida Bronwen : Apart from the sheer size, the Australian Industry can be a little harder to crack into, (believe it or not, due to less work and opportunity) where as here they love discovering new talent. I’ve found a lot more validation of my skill and talent as an actor here is more readily handed over. I weirdly feel so much more hopeful of the possibilities here, despite the typical hardships, competition and challenges of navigating the industry. My friend and I have a saying ‘Only in LA..’ as you never know what might happen, who you might meet…


Pro Media Mag : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?

Nerida Bronwen : I think it would actually have to be the moment where I decided/realized my career and all my achievements, big and small are part of a journey, and it’s not about any one thing, or getting to a destination. That freed me up a lot, and made me worry less about what others thought and what not, and I have a lot more fun just doing what I truly love!

Nerida Bronwen at the 6th AACTA Awards in Sydney
Nerida Bronwen at the 6th AACTA Awards in Sydney

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being an actor?

Nerida Bronwen: When I know my performance has moved someone, taught them something, made them laugh, made them feel…I know I’ve achieved my goal. When you are truly engulfed in a character, a moment, a connection, the hilarity, or even the pain; it feels like you’re flying, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

Pro Media Mag : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you online for updates?

Nerida Bronwen : I am. I’m probably most active on Instagram. I also have a Facebook page and Twitter (both of which are a little slow on updates though) I have a website (that I’m currently revamping, watch this space!). You can also check me out on imdb.
Handle: @neridabronwen



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