An Exclusive Interview with Music Producer & Mixing Engineer Jameel Miller

An Exclusive Interview with Music Producer & Mixing Engineer Jameel Miller

Jameel Miller also known as “JahGotTheJuice” is an elite mixing engineer and industry sound professional based out of Cleveland, OH. Through intense online studying of some of music’s top mixing engineers & producers such as Noah “40” Shebib, Leslie Brathwaite, Derek “MixedByAli” Ali, and Phil Tan, Jameel Miller has now found himself “In the mix” when it comes to working professionally in and out of different studios. Jameel delivers a true experience through his mixes, his core focus of a mix is emotion and momentum.

Recently Jameel has recorded and mixed a song titled ‘Blue Strips’ with Meechie Johnson, Lebron James nephew. The song is impressive and sound quality is amazing. Obviously we wanted to meet the person behind this inspiring work. So we have invited Jameel for an interview for our magazine.

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Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into audio engineering?
Jameel Miller : Audio engineering was something I got into more while I was in HS. At first I was just making beats and recording my friends for fun but as time progressed I started to pay attention to the quality of the songs we would make. I wanted them to sound more official and radio worthy so I started to pay attention to the engineering side more.

Pro Media Mag : How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?
Jameel Miller : A typical day for me would be to wake up, check my emails, check my Needs to be finished folder on my hard drive and then work on 3 mixes at a time. I prioritize my work based on the deadlines given for each record.

Pro Media Mag : You recently mixed a song titled ‘Blue Strips’ with Meechie Johnson, Lebron James nephew, tell us more about that?
Jameel Miller : Meechie is an amazing basketball player and is definitely going to be playing pro ball someday so when he hit me up and said he wanted to make a song I was shocked. He has no music out and I never heard him rap so I was interested to see how it would work out. Blue Strips is the name of his very first single and I’m glad I got to record and mix it.

Pro Media Mag : What was the energy like working with him in the studio?
Jameel Miller : The energy was crazy. He’s very good at coming up with lyrics on the spot and he gives off an energetic vibe that’s very contagious. He brings a lot of positive energy.

Pro Media Mag : What plug-ins did you use to mix his vocals?
Jameel Miller : For this song on his vocals, I used AT EFX, Waves DeEsser, and waves vocal rider on the direct track. I then routed the track to an aux which has waves audio track, Rcompressor, H-Comp, SSL Channel Strip, Rvox, Q3, EQ3 7 band, C4, and vocal rider on the inserts. For the sends I just used Avid Space for a EMT plate emulation and Studio Room.

Pro Media Mag : How many tracks was the final mix?
Jameel Miller : The session total is 28 tracks

Pro Media Mag : How long have you been mixing songs?
Jameel Miller : I’ve been mixing songs professionally for about 3 years now.

Pro Media Mag : What are some of your notable records?
Jameel Miller :
K3 – Let Me Know (feat. TYuS)
K3 – LoveTape (feat. Ye Ali)

Pro Media Mag : As an Audio Engineer, what would you regard as your best skill?
Jameel Miller : I am very skilled at building emotion within music.

Pro Media Mag : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you online?
Jameel Miller : Yes please follow me on Instagram & Twitter @JahGotTheJuice

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