An Exclusive Interview with music duo DOG’z or GOD’z

An Exclusive Interview with music duo DOG’z or GOD’z

“We usually don’t do interviews, we like to let our music do the talking” states one half of the duo that is DOG’z or GOD’z. However, without an initial release date scheduled and with only a Soundcloud sample available to hear, DOG’z or GOD’s are making a lot of noise within the industry. Their illusiveness has been compared with that of Daft Punk and with that said, we wanted to find out more.

Who are Dogz or Godz
Dogz or Godz is a movement. We are whoever you think we are.

Why the illusiveness
We want to be known for our music, not what we look like. Our sound and energy is the most important thing to us. We do it for the love, not for the likes.

Describe your music
Our music is the bastard child of Hip Hop and Punk. We have always been fans of the energy that these two genres bring and our sound reflects that. Lyrically we say what’s on our minds and we don’t really give a shit about what anybody thinks. We just keep it 100 at all times!

What is the Dogz or Godz mantra?
We would much rather be hated for who we are than be loved for something we are not.

Your Soundcloud sample of “Fuck It” has had 65,000 plays and has resulted in a huge
following within Eastern Europe and that is without a single release. Why do you think
that part of the world has tapped into you?

We have been bubbling under the radar for some time now without releasing a record and we are blessed to have any type of following at this point. Why people in Eastern Europe, in particular, have taken a shine to our music is a mystery to us but we are grateful for the recognition all the same. ‘Fuck it’ is a record that we can all relate to in some way, we have all said it at some point and we think that the sentiment and energy this song brings resonate with people. Clearly in Eastern Europe anyhow 🙂

Word has it, Liam Howlett, from the Prodigy worked on a release, can this be confirmed
or not

Our first official release will be a song called ‘SCUM’ and we can confirm that man like Liam Howlett added some additional dirt and noise to the track.

When can we expect your first release?
‘Scum’ will be released in early 2022. We cant wait to release the hounds!

With it still being early days, when can we expect a website and further information on
Dogz or Godz releases?

Our website is currently under construction and will be launched simultaneously with our first single.

What social media platforms are you on
We are only concentrating on Insta at the moment. We are not fans of social media but we realise it is a necessary evil to engage with our audience and create awareness for our brand.

What can we expect from Dogz or Godz in 2022
We have an album ready to go with a few new tracks being recorded as we speak. You can expect the takeover to happen very soon! 2022 is gonna be the year of the D.O.G!

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