An Exclusive Interview with Multi-talented Empress Dona Diabla

An Exclusive Interview with Multi-talented Empress Dona Diabla

We are sharing our exclusive interview with Dona Diabla, Empress of MK-Ultra Mind Control, Second Life’s top Erotic performer, Niteflirt’s top gold animated Findom. Meet Elvira Leon aka Empress DonaDiabla, an 34 year old Mexican-Turkish Horror & Sci-Fi Devotee, Occultist, Astrolinguist, paranormal erotica author, tarot reader,and gothic dropshipper. She is also an Gothic youtuber with an game channel called “DiablaBabydoll”. In addition, she runs two successful shops in Second Life. Plus, she runs the new print on demand Etsy and Studio Vida shops, Diabla Babydoll.

Empress Dona Diabla

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Empress Dona Diabla : Hello everyone, I am Empress Dona Diabla and I am happy to meet all of you.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this field?
Empress Dona Diabla : Actually, I was inspired by my mother to get into my professions. I was working as butcher in an slaughter house until she inspired me to leave that field.

Pro Media Mag : Is it all natural or your education has something to do it with it as well?
Empress Dona Diabla : Ha Ha Ha! It’s both. However, my psychic abilities are pretty natural. But I learned about the occult during childhood.

Pro Media Mag : How did you first come to know about your ability to become a medium ?
Empress Dona Diabla : Frankly, my abilities came of age during my teenage years. I started to do tarot readings at the psychic fairs. In addition, my family had me read all of the grimoires and occult during my teen years.

Pro Media Mag : You are Horror & Sci-Fi Devotee, Occultist, Astrolinguist, paranormal erotica author, tarot reader and gothic dropshipper, how do you manage all this?
Empress Dona Diabla : Haha! Well, I put myself on great schedule automated my adult business, and use many virtual assistants.

Pro Media Mag : Any of these you would prefer to be used as your professional identity?
Empress Dona Diabla : Well, I used Gothic Renaissance woman as my title.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Empress Dona Diabla : Most people find me to be fantastic.However, there’s many who don’t understand my work.

Pro Media Mag : So what’s up next
Empress Dona Diabla : Well, check out my new erotic series the “Mirror Duo” on Amazon Kindle. Plus, I have my new dropship clothing line called “Diabla Babydoll”. In addition, I am looking to new clients for my hypnosis and tarot sessions.

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