An exclusive interview with inspiring and talented Marie Stuart Noel

An exclusive interview with inspiring and talented Marie Stuart Noel

We are sharing our recent interview with Marie Stuart Noel. She has a lifestyle brand that focuses on wealth in health, Marie Stuart Livin’ Marie is a social entrepreneur, health and wealth motivational speaker, in the Boston area.  She is passionate about helping others live their lives with a purpose and with intention.

Marie Stuart Noel

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this industry?
Marie Stuart Noel : Oprah Winfrey inspired me to take a leap at entrepreneurship. In college, I started with selling clothing to my dorm mates. I then moved on to starting my own publication, Massachusetts Singles Magazine

Pro Media Mag : Tell us a little about your magazine Massachusetts Singles Magazine (MSM)?
Marie Stuart Noel : MSM was a print and online magazine directed at singles in the Boston area. Initially, the magazine had lot of success, even had a local TV show. In 2012, MSM folded. I made one last effort to save the issue by doing a social experiment which didn’t catch.

Pro Media Mag : You have been featured in different magazines and media outlets. How does it feel to be known for your work?
Marie Stuart Noel : I received a number of press for the magazine and the social experiment. It was an awesome feeling. However, once the magazine folded, I went out of the spotlight to focus on family and further my career. I enrolled at Northeastern University and earned a master’s degree in regulatory affairs, in 2014.

Pro Media Mag : What brought you into real estate business?
Marie Stuart Noel : After graduate school, I worked in clinical trial management. I build my skills and my cash flow. Since my family is in the real estate business, I already knew the ropes, having helped me mother manage several properties. I purchased my first property in 2016 and since then have acquired 5 tenants. The property funds helped me start a foundation to help young girls get trade skills- EWO foundation. I also was able to use some of that fund to launch my party rental business, Boston Throne Chairs

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your experience with your rental business ‘Boston Throne Chairs’?
Marie Stuart Noel : Running Boston Throne Chairs has come up with a number of challenges for me. During my first 2 months in business, I lost my primary supplier. This was a major set back that affected sales. I lost 5 clients in one day. Since the company had nearly 20 throne chairs in stock, I leveraged the chairs at hand by renting them only. The rentals do well and business is growing steadily

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received?
Marie Stuart Noel : We have received some very positive feedback and are booked every weekend until September. We are working to get more bookings during the week.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you are doing recently ?
Marie Stuart Noel : I am very much into health and fitness. My motto is Wealth in Health. I have grown my Instagram account through various squat challenges, to help people get moving toward positive living through my lifestyle brand, Marie Stuart Livin’

marie and ratchet
Marie at home with her dog, Ratchet

Pro Media Mag : How do you manage all that? Our readers would like to know the secret 🙂
Marie Stuart Noel : To manage it all, I have to focus on the essentials, starting with health and mental clarity. Letting go of the non-essentials and embracing what truly matters. Doing is less, and let go more. Now I only manage my property, and the party rental business on the weekend. I occasionally speaks at high schools and colleges about the importance of social entrepreneurship in today’s climate.

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