An exclusive interview with Herb “Flight Time” Lang

An exclusive interview with Herb “Flight Time” Lang

Herb is one of the newest host and members to grace the national FIT EXPO tour. It is an elite athlete training and health and wellness symposium that attracts hundreds of thousands of people a year.

Herb just launched his book Projects, Popes, and Presidents. It is one of Amazon’s #1 International Best Seller. It is the story of his humble beginnings growing up in the projects of Brinkley, Arkansas to the empowering journey of traveling the world, seeing over 88 countries, meeting Popes, Presidents, Ambassadors and everyone in between.

Herb is currently working on a national sports tv game show with a major network, we will be excited to unveil this in due time. Watch his social media @datrotter4 for updates!

For anyone that is unfamiliar with your journey, you grew up in Brinkley, AR as a poor kid in the projects –how did you end up as a Harlem Globetrotter and on the international stage?

Yes I grew up in an impoverished situation and stayed a steady course as a student athlete that landed me to attend college at Centenary College of Louisiana. I ended up going to a national dunk competition (not the cool dunking like the guys have today) but we had a great competition that I won. The Harlem Globetrotters got wind of me from that…

There are so many children who are into sports and may sit aside their academics, what did your parents do to keep you on track to where you not only graduated from college after attending Centenary College of Louisiana, but you also maintained your athletic career in the interim.

It is tough, my mother really didn’t have a hands-on approach because she was hard working with multiple children. I had to maintain that steadfastness and that focus myself to keep going. I had to look at my environment and decide that I was going to do something different.

After traveling the world as a Globetrotter, what would you say was your favorite place to visit and post your career, where do you plan to go next?

I would love to travel to Australia and I loved visiting the Vatican.

Very recently, you came out with the International Best-Selling book “Projects, Popes and Presidents” —tell us about the book and what inspired you to write this memoir?

I am now retired from the Globetrotters and wanted to give inspiration to those who need to see how you can start at one place and transcend to another level. Many youth who grew up in my situation have a hard time seeing what could be next. They struggle with seeking out light and seeing what is possible. I wrote the book for them and their parents and others who need to know that there is hope behind the veil.

You do a lot of national and international speaking to youth, what is one of the biggest lessons you have learned in your journey around the world that you share with them?

That you are not where you come from.You are your biggest supporter and you must pour into yourself in a way that benefits you and everyone around you. I tell them that what is going on now has nothing to do with what they can be! My focus is to give hope to the youth.

What is next for you?!

I am working on some fun tv shows that will be announced in 2020. I am also on a speaking tour around the country to schools and organizations. I plan to keep speaking across the country and soon internationally again.


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