An Exclusive Interview with Dude Dangerous

An Exclusive Interview with Dude Dangerous

We are sharing our recent interview with one and only ‘Dude Dangerous’.

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Dude Dangerous : Hello, My name is Dude Dangerous. I’m one of those western united states rednecks you hear about. You know, the ones jam packed with many legit as well as useless talents. I am a businessman.. My non persona based work is in Agriculture. But that’s to damn boreing and uptight of an industry to turn up in.

About a year ago I started building a race truck. People caught wind that I knew what I was doing. So they started asking favors.favors lead me into wanting more income. So I started selling auto parts I salvaged from wrecked cars and trucks. It.made sense to me to clean em up and make sure they.worked before selling them.

I have a way with words so I started posting the items with satirical descriptions. It started getting laughs as well as sales. So I just rolled with it. I failed im year’s past with the traditional buisness practices. All those articles on makeing money and selling online. I got the whole idea of telling a story in a sales pitch. But I never cared for the bullshit pitch tactics and the FUD methodology. I like to entertain, and the auto industry and scene is more forgiving to off the wall stuff. Most mechanics and daredevil thrill seekers are artist’s and entertainers in there own way. So this persona fits.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into auto industry?
Dude Dangerous : A combination of family and friends. My uncles on my mothers side of the family where all drag racers. One of my uncles just retired from the scene. The other did years ago and opted for the classic car scene. I always had the dream.of pulling an old car out of a riverbed and restoreing it. That chance day and I took it and ran. It’s a 1966 GMC 2500. It had not ran in almost 20 years. That truck runs better than.most daily drivers at this point.

Pro Media Mag : What makes you a dangerous dude 🙂 ?
Dude Dangerous : I can’t take credit for coming up with the name. I am a weirdo magnet.. And of course with several active ventures.. I have a family lawyer.
People try to sue the wife and me from time to time. Usually over oddball things. That or the ex on either side pulls a shitty. At any rate. Ive been accused of quite a bit. lawyer always laughs because I keep good records. There where several occasions I was accused of violent actions. After proving otherwise he would say… “Ohhh, so freakin dangerous dude”.. We would both laugh and jist carry on.. Anyway, when I was picking a name I had a handful of choices.. This one survived the two week thought process. So here we are.

Pro Media Mag : It seems there isn’t anything in the automotive industry that you can’t do?
Dude Dangerous :I can’t keep a 10mm socket in my toolbox. But that’s the curse of.most gear head’s like me… all jokes aside. I appreciate that comment. However I have to stay humble. I’ve had situations where I needed a second set of eyes. Ive also had situations wherein the risks were to damn high for comfort.

Pro Media Mag : You are also a drag racer, so what’s the ratio of winning the race?
Dude Dangerous :At this point in the game we are not counting. This year is all about not blowing the damn thing up.. Basically if I find and fox a weakness in her.. I’m winning. After I finished fhe build I fired her up for the first time. Backed her out of the drive. way and did a very short test drive. It shook so hard the motor mounts got completely ate for lunch. Second run I actually lit the back tires up to find a serious wheel hop. Third time after shifting weight and putting proper slicks on her.. She stabilized. There’s a race at the end of this month I hope to hit up. We will see if we improve 🙂

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best side of Dude Dangerous, an automan or story writer, comic video creator?
Dude Dangerous: I feel the best Dude Dangerous is, they all keep the ball rolling. For the most part this is a one man show. At Least when it comes to the creative juices. I totally envy you folks who can dedicate time to websites. As I’ve said before. I don’t like to follow the bullshit. Pulling out a laptop to work on a website. Isn’t as fun as the social engagement. That’s why my website is more of a vCard at the moment. I feel as this builds however. That will change. You will see a combined effort and charather engagement on the website and abroad. Entertainment will encompass all aspects. It would be awesome to get the customer’s involved as well. Hopefully thay can happen… Not that I give a shit what the big wog marketers think about my methods.
But actions speak louder than words. To show the smiles I see from.those individuals is my version of successful undertakings

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Dude Dangerous : Oh you bet,

Pro Media Mag : What’s up next?
Dude Dangerous : Alright I will give you an exclusive. You and your readers are the first to know this outside of some of my close people. I’m a big fan of Cryptocurrency, at least in the early stages of it’s developing. The days before the ICOs and the painfully easy methods of token creation. I’m talking back when it was worthless. The community really reflected everything I stand for. Freedom is huge for me. Dedication is heartfelt and progression is religion. You had people learn for each other. You could see the wheels turning as people started to pay attention to what they purchased and who they loaned money to.

Now it’s so huge… Emotions have taken over. Everything is dramatic. And like most things. You have new adopters running around blindly telling the dinosaur users all about what Cryptocurrency is.

So. with that in mind, I have my own shitcoim to give the masses. And guess what? It’s already successful! Because the fundamental use of the coin… is the time honored tradition of giving zero fu**s less.. 🙂

0FUKs is a total novelty born to troll your friends. Imagine your buddy’s face when you give him 10x Zero Fu€ks less. Imagine another situation where an internet sell go’s sour and you want the ultimate last word. Send them a heavy dose of 0FUKs given.

This coin will have one of the funniest white papers on the subject of crypto you have ever seen. It will have all the luxury of a non shitcoin. But at the same time be what many would consider a bad penny. There will be physical 0FUKs. T-Shirts stickers. And most of all explainer videos. Believe me you don’t wanna miss it.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to get in touch with you online?
Dude Dangerous : At the moment social media is best. Hit up the front page will contain links to the outlets I use. You can engage that way or contact me off the website itself. I also use telegram the channel of course is DudeDangerous

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