All Natural, Paraben & Cruelty Free Pure Leaf Beauty Products

All Natural, Paraben & Cruelty Free Pure Leaf Beauty Products

Healthy skin care is simple, it means that the ingredients in the product are non-carcinogenic, non-poisonous and safe. The easiest way to find these products is to look for plant based or vegan body care and skin care companies. With so many harsh detergents linked to cancer and other aliments being added to our skin care products it’s no wonder why more and more people are becoming concerned. When you’re looking for healthy skin care the best approach is to look for items with ingredients that you understand.

Being a beautician I always recommend my clients to use natural products. Although all natural or vegan products are useful but their effectiveness depends on their ingredients and formula. Few weeks ago I was introduced to Pure Leaf Beauty products by my friend. As usual I gone through the ingredients and other stuff before recommending them to my readers here. And after going through their products, ingredients used, customers reviews and other tests I have actually become a fan of their products. Not only recommending them to my readers here but also recommending them to my clients as well.

Pure Leaf Beauty can be your ultimate beauty partner. They are using all natural and organic ingredients in their beauty products. Going through their ingredients list, I haven’t found any single ingredient that’s not natural or contains any harm for your skin.

Although all of their products are natural and effective but here are some of the their products I would personally recommend.


24 hour light weight face cream vegan style

Although most of the skincare creams are made for certain skin types or skin problems but not this one. It copes with all kinds of skin damages and suitable for all skin types. Its pure vegan, organic cream and its extracts are taken from Ireland, and Australasia. As the name suggest its a 24 hour usage cream and can be used any time for any purpose. Its an Everyday Hydrating Formula with Extracts of Glacial Glycoproteines and Desert Plant Extractions. So all natural raw ingredients that makes it genuinely harmless for your skin. It Contains light textured hydrator that helps it dry quickly. Its suitable for harsh cold dry weather. Price is very reasonable, just $39.99. I would recommend you to give it a try. I am sure you wont regret.


Its actually not a single product rather its a combo of different hair care products. The best thing about them these product is the fact that these are fragrance, paraben & sulfate free. There are hardly any hair products in the market without fragrance or sulfate in them. These products are formulated by expert physicians. These are made not to enter the blood stream like most products on the market today. If you are worried about your falling hair, baldness, or hair growth issues these products can you be your ultimate choice. There is up to 90% success rate. You should try them.

Hence , Pure Leaf Beauty use ingredients you understand to develop natural body care products using plant-based ingredients. Their products never contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, coloring, sulfates or other harsh chemicals and are never tested on animals. That makes me recommend them to my readers.

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