Add New Life to Your Cellphone with Luminating iPhone Cover!

Add New Life to Your Cellphone with Luminating iPhone Cover!

Tempered Glass House is a company specializing in high-end smart phone equipment and especially protection, hence the name. They aim to provide equipment for each possible smartphone, constantly broadening our selection. They are based in Finland, but ship worldwide with a minimal shipping fee.

Their newest addition are the Illuminating iPhone Covers, that glow in the dark. They absorb light during the day and project it during the night. It’s a great night light without being too bright for your eyes. It fits your iPhone perfectly, given that you choose the right one for your model.

The case is as smooth and comfortable as possible without being slippery at all. Even if it slips, the soft TPU cover is made to be strong, yet elastic providing your phone the maximum protection. The camera also is protected, because of the shaping of the case. This is a common problem with regular cases, that they tend to leave the camera lens vulnerable. Ours is different, and I dare to say, much better.

You can order your Luminating iPhone Cover here

And I would also like to tell you, they are offering Free shipping on orders over $40!

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