Actress Lian Ben Porat opens up about her Tourettes Syndrome

Actress Lian Ben Porat opens up about her Tourettes Syndrome

Recently talented actress and dancer Lian came out about her Tourettes Syndrome publicly for the first time during a show this past Saturday. Her fans are stunned and curious about this issue. Luckily we got a chance to interview her for our magazine and utilitzed this opportunity to ask her further questions about this syndrome.

Lian Ben Porat

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career.

Lian Ben Porat :  When I was a young girl I was part of the Israeli production THE SOUND OF MUSIC. It was then I discovered the effect acting, dancing, and singing had on myself and others. From that moment on I decided that’s what I wanted to do forever and my professional career took off.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into acting & dancing?

Lian Ben Porat :  Meryl Streep was one of my first inspirations to explore the arts. Additionally, a lot of my inspiration came from watching films and videos of other artists sharing their work. I’ll never forget watching “The Book Of Mormon” live in London at the West End and feeling so inspired.

Pro Media Mag : You recently stunned your fans by revealing about ‘Tourette Syndrome’? Our readers would like to know more about that?

Lian Ben Porat : I decided it was time to share my story for myself and to motivate others. I wanted to demonstrate that your perceived “weakness” may end up being your greatest strength. By fully accepting myself I was able to inspire others.

Pro Media Mag: Any particular occasion where it all went out of your control due to this syndrome?

Lian Ben Porat : Tourette Syndrome looks and feels differently on different people. If I didn’t tell you I had Tourette’s, you wouldn’t know. My struggles are more internal. Think of it like fighting an immense urge. This was extremely difficult for me during my high-school years. I was attending high-school when I started having strong reading tics that made school very hard. I felt out of control to the point where I almost quit school.

Lian Ben Porat actress
Pro Media Mag : So how did you come out of this? What was the motivation behind this?

Lian Ben Porat :  I discovered that being on stage and doing what I love lets me be the best version of myself. It gives me a “break” from my tics. When I’m acting, dancing, or singing, everything is worth it. It gives me the strength to keep looking forward. Whether it’s a dance class, voice lesson, an open mic, or a show, Tourette’s pushes me to constantly keep striving to be better.

Pro Media Mag : You must be very excited about your solo show ‘Second Nature’?

Lian Ben Porat : Excited doesn’t even begin to explain! The show exceeded all of my expectations.
Before the show, I was very nervous and seriously thought about running away haha…
I reminded myself why I was doing this show, stepped on stage, and things just fell into place.
In addition to excited, I felt very grateful to have amazing people around me. Their support pushes me to follow my dreams.

Pro Media Mag : Acting or dancing? What attracts you more?

Lian Ben Porat :  Both! There was a time I felt like I had to choose, but couldn’t. My work combines all of my talents/passions-dancing, acting, and singing. That is the reason I was drawn to musical theater so much. I didn’t feel like I had to choose anymore.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Lian Ben Porat :  Future plans for “Second Nature” are in the works! Although I can’t share too much yet, I am very excited for what’s next. Keep up with my journey and future work via Instagram @lianbenporatt
Lastly, I would like to encourage readers to explore their perceived “weaknesses,” It may lead to the discovery of your greatest strength.

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