Actress Alexandra Vino on Working with Peter Berg in Wonderland

Actress Alexandra Vino on Working with Peter Berg in Wonderland

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Are you still filming Wonderland?

The movie is in post-production. My Principle photography wrapped earlier this year. I will be working on the looping in post pretty soon. I love doing the female ADR post work on all films I work on. The whole film making process is creatively inspiring.

How was your experience filming Wonderland with Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg?

Pete is a pro. The environment he creates on set is like being in the most exclusive club. Everyone has a can do attitude, great energy, and makes it work every time. Pete gave me a lot of freedom and support in my vision on the character. When you work with people like him and Mark, it’s very easy to get spoiled. Mark made light of some very heavy scenes, which made me feel super relaxed to “go there.”

Anything you can share about any new projects in the works ?

I have a show coming up in early 2020 that I am digging into right now. I am taking the summer to surf, get inspired and research this upcoming project. I unfortunately can’t say anything more than that. It is my most elaborate role on film yet. Stoked!

Who are your all time favorite industry directors you love?

Lars Von trier, Baz Lerman, Quentin Tarantino, Darren Aronovski, Nicholas Cassevettes and his late father John… and obviously Peter Berg!

If any old time film would get a remake, which would you select and who would you want to play in the film?

I’m not sure if this is considered an old-time movie at this point, but I saw it when I was a kid and wanted to play Mallory Knox in Tarantino’s Movie Natural Born Killers. The liberation of the shadow side is very empowering. Going through that process would be AHHHmazing. Dreams cultivate… it shall happen.

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