Acclaimed Composer and Musician Yael Benamour Takes on The World

Acclaimed Composer and Musician Yael Benamour Takes on The World

Over a lifetime, most people will have watched hundreds, if not thousands of movies. Usually, they will remember certain scenes, maybe a line or two of dialogue and possibly who was in it and the storyline. They will hardly ever remember the music because that’s the way it was planned to be. Generally, the music is there to enhance the emotional drive of the characters and to help the story flow smoothly. Although the French film composer Yael Benamour is a successful musician, singer/songwriter, music producer and composer and has sold millions of albums worldwide, she understands that concept because she is a consummate professional who has been composing since she was twelve years old. She started playing classical piano at age five and went on to graduate from BMS Music School in Paris, France in piano, composition and orchestration. Her expertise has been honed through working in a variety of genres for European Media Projects and collaborating with other famous French and American artists on their albums. 

Yael’s music is about feeling and sharing and her main passion in life is scoring motion pictures. She even moved to Los Angeles, California in order to pursue her dedication to writing music for movies and now she finds herself to be one of the rare women composers who are in demand and working year round. Her work and her original compositions can be found in TV shows around the world; from the United States, Asia and Europe to South America, Mexico and the UK. Her movie scores, which take more time  and are much more rewarding for her have been highly praised and warmly received  by critics, filmmakers, musicians and audiences wherever and whenever her films are shown. She scored three films this year: The Dormant Truth, directed by Iola Nguyen and Yael’s score was mainly electronic music that gave a feeling of investigative and crime scene ambience. Comin In Hot, was directed by Adriana Vecchioli and the score was a mix of 1960s through the 80s style music, based on guitar music that Yael played herself.

The Mean One, directed by Steven LaMorte, is a Christmas horror film starring David Howard Thornton, of Terrifier 2 fame, as the Grinch. It looks to be one of the season’s most anticipated films, according to the talk on the Drew Barrymore Show where the release was announced. She is also preparing scores for several motion pictures to be released in 2023.     

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