A Step Into The Sustainable Fashion with Eco Friendly Shirt by Cosmos Studio

A Step Into The Sustainable Fashion with Eco Friendly Shirt by Cosmos Studio

Do you know millions of the people are facing water shortage, thousands of the kids are suffering from diseases due to unavailability of water in their surroundings. And hundreds of people die daily due to this problem. And what we are doing ? Instead of working on the solution we are wasting so much water daily? From our washrooms to the industries water and energy is been wasted. Even in textile sector water is used sparingly. So what we need is eco friendly products.Cosmos Studio has come up with a superb eco friendly idea.

eco friendly shirt

A sustainable fashion innovations – a shirt that is 95% more eco-friendly due to their newly invented coloring technology. Normally coloring process wastes so much water. But they have come up with a solution that will not only change the way this textile industry is going about the things but also save around 95% water and energy that was being wasted earlier during the coloring process.

eco-friendly shirt

Shirts are not only eco friendly and a step into the sustainable fashion but also very decent and high quality. You will surely feel good wearing this shirt. And meanwhile you will take your part in making this world a much better place to live.

To support this project you need to back them up on kickstarter. Yes they are having a campaign on kickstarted and desperately need your support. So to back them up and reserve your shirt Click here.

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