A quick chat with the boss … Meet EssexTV’s Jay Connor

A quick chat with the boss … Meet EssexTV’s Jay Connor

Jay Connor is the interim CEO for Essex TV. He is Producer and Director of the program Loose Lads, a lads chat show and is reported to be one of the most powerful individuals on the British media scene so it was only right to pull him in for a chat.

Jay Connor

How’s Loose Lads going so far?
Loose Lads is going great, i have a great team behind me and a great cast. I have recently acquired the help of long-time friend and film producer/Director Terry Coker. He will be helping with direction as well as filming and edit! It’s an honour to have him on board as he has alot of knowledge in the field. I just hope he knows what he has let himself in for as the cast are very “colourful”.

You seem to be juggling a lot of little jobs, how do you cope?
I’m working hard now for my future… i got a wife and family i aim to be able to one day take care of! I don’t get much sleep but i know that at the end it will all be worth it. I have a lot of supportive friends and family who keep me in check! On my days off i love just chilling with the family, picking up my niece Skye from school, taking her swimming and causing havoc at my parents house where the family seem to congregate every day! I wouldn’t change it for the world

Any big guests line up for upcoming episodes of Loose Lads?
I am in talks with Alex Reid, George Kay, Anton Stevens and a few others… one i am really excited for is  Big Brovaz!! I grew up watching them on MTV and all the music channels! And i find it crazy how we have become friends and there is also talks about a music collaboration with the guys! Its crazy to think that i had there song “Baby Boy” play during my wedding ceremony and not a year later we are planning on working together.

Jay Connor essex-tv-ceo
What does your wife think about the show?
I’m not too sure haha! She hasn’t told me off so it can’t be that bad… she’s very supportive of what i do and she knows it’s all banter and I’m pretty sure its light-hearted compared to what women talk about when they have a few bottles of wine in them.

How’s your new magazine venture done since launch?
The Magazine is doing great! Better than i could have expected… our managing editor Lorna has really pulled out all the stops! We had a great story written by the talented Amy Barrett on Martina Cole which went down a storm…  we have so much more coming up I’m just so proud at how everything is going and how the magazine is coming together like a family

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