A Conversation With Ria Schumacher About Her Life After Prison

A Conversation With Ria Schumacher About Her Life After Prison

We recently interviewed Ria Schumacher, who is back into modeling again. Unfortunately she had to spend 12 years in prison but now she is freed as nothing can be proved against her. She is also writing a her story in prison, that will be released in 3 parts.

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Ria Schumacher : My name is Ria Jean Schumacher.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to join the modeling industry?
Ria Schumacher : My grandma Jean always inspired me to become a model. She always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to in this world. It took me many years to realize that she was right about that.

Pro Media Mag : You are finally out of tough time in prison. What are your plans now apart from your book?
Ria Schumacher : To enjoy life as it happens every single day. I try to make up for some of the things I’ve missed out on over those 12 years all the time.

Pro Media Mag : First part titled ‘Where the Truth Lies’ of your 3 book series is set to release next year. Our readers would like to know more about that.
Ria Schumacher : The first book was written about my childhood, the details of the murder case, and my life up until the day I walked into prison. The injustice I was dealt from the court system is detailed within book one. It will take readers on a journey into the life of a 17 year old charged and convicted of a Murder she didn’t commit.
Where_the_Truth_Lies Ria schumacher
Pro Media Mag : So how does it feel becoming an author after starting your career from modeling and entertainment?
Ria Schumacher : I couldn’t Not write the book. Something inside me kept leaning me towards it. Almost like a calling. Everyone who knows me has told me I needed to write a book. I just hope my readers will be able to see and feel the things I did as they read it. Then I’ll really feel like an author.

Pro Media Mag : You have also been a motivational speaker in the same prison system that ruined your golden years. What’s the motivation behind this?
Ria Schumacher : The prison system in America is not designed to rehabilitate offenders. It’s not a place of rehabilitation anymore and hasn’t been for many decades. Prisons in America are an Industry and the men and women getting out of prisons are more often than not returning after release. I go back and speak to inform those men and women of other resources available for them so they don’t have to resort to lives of crime anymore. I go back for them.

Pro Media Mag : How was your experience at “Dr. Phil show” ?
Ria Schumacher : It was amazing. Dr. Phil gave me the advice and the mental push that I needed to regain control over my life. After the show I didn’t look for a job anymore. I started making the necessary steps to become a business owner.

Ria Schumacher Dr Phil Show

Pro Media Mag : What modeling projects you are currently working on?
Ria Schumacher : I’m working on a Calendar for 2018. Since my birthday is in December I’m hoping to do a shoot after mountain climbing to the top of a great Mountain. I always want my modeling shoots to be artistic and more challenging than most. If I could climb Mt. Everest I would. I mean, nothing in my life ever is easy.  And the Best things are the ones worth working hard for.

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