A Conversation With Drexel Mortgage Corporation Owner Terry Gangaram

A Conversation With Drexel Mortgage Corporation Owner Terry Gangaram

If you are looking for some Mortgage services to home buying or need some real estate consultancy, this interview with Terry Gangaram will surely interest you.

Terry GangaramPro Media Mag : First of all do please introduce yourself to our readers?
Terry Gangaram :  My name is Terry Gangaram, owner of Drexel Mortgage Corporation since 1995.  I started Drexel Mortgage to help first time, second time homebuyers achieve their dream of owning their own homes.  Drexel was founded to make it easy for deals to get approved, we have expanding, trusted credit guidelines for people of most credit types to achieve financing.  With long trusted relationships within the real estate industry, Drexel is happy to provide personalized consultative service from conception to closing.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to start Drexel Mortgage Corporation?
Terry Gangaram :    I was inspired to have my own business so I can work for myself to directly provide people with more ways to buy their own homes.  Today, Drexel has seen thousands of homeowners buy, sell, finance homes, commercial properties from all over the country.

Pro Media Mag : What are the major services you are providing?
Terry Gangaram :   The major services are loan financing.  Drexel specializes in residential loans for 1 to 4 family homes as well as commercial loans for investment real estate like apartment buildings, mixed use properties, warehouses, office buildings.   We like to help people, tenants to reach their goal of owning a home, financing real estate to move on with their goals while achieving their dreams.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of clients you mostly provide services to? Are these limited to some specific area or nationwide?
Terry Gangaram :    I provide services to clients within New York State including the 5 boroughs New York City.   For commercial real estate loans, I provide loan services nationwide, in all 50 states.

Pro Media Mag : What are the major benefits you clients receive by acquiring your services?
Terry Gangaram :   At Drexel Mortgage, the major benefits include our friendly, convenient, personalized services.   Our direct personalized style eliminates most common pressures people may find at large ancient finance institutions.  We like to build relationships with people to provide our easy going warm service experience.   We’re not a loan factory.  Instead, Drexel loves to have great in-depth relationships long after the loan is closed.  Its not uncommon for our clients to start off buying a single home who now own multiple homes through Drexel Mortgage’s high-touch relationship approach.

Pro Media Mag : What proved to be the key to success for you?
Terry Gangaram :   Being honest with the customer.  Delivering what we promise.  Drexel’s core values have been tested over the past 20+ years through the markets ups and downs.   Perseverance to stand by our values to do right for the customer has proven for us a successful key ingredient to consistently delivering quality loans.

Pro Media Mag : What have you learned most about being in this profession?
Terry Gangaram :  What clients really want from their services is more than just a loan, they want a partner who understands their loan needs, and gets their needs resolved fast.  Many of the other online lenders all they do is quote rates all day but can they close their loan and on time?  Will they remember your name after the loan is closed?  At Drexel clients are more than just a number, clients are a testament to our core values with long-term win/win goals.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to contact you for your services?
Terry Gangaram :  Many thanks for having me on your site!  Feel free to call me directly with any questions at (718) 441-1515, terry@drexelmortgage.com, www.terrygangaram.com

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