8 Reasons for Getting Chemical Peels

8 Reasons for Getting Chemical Peels

A quick skin reboot — that is what a chemical peel can do for you. A chemical peel is the fastest way to achieve clear and radiant skin; it can produce results that even some of the healthiest lifestyles can’t replicate.

More often than not, chemical peels are done on the face, but the treatment can also be applied on the hands and neck. Chemical peels are often carried out in skin clinics, but those who want to do the process at home can rely on peeling products from brands such as CosRX.

Chemical peels follow a simple process: a chemical solution is applied to the skin to create a controlled wound that leaves blisters, which eventually peel off. As the old, damaged skin layer sloughs off, new skin is revealed — one that is visibly smoother, healthier, and more beautiful than before.

What does a quick skin reboot mean? Below, we enumerate the benefits of undergoing a chemical peel.

  1. Done in a quick and cost-effective manner. It may sound painful, but a chemical peel is actually a simple treatment; it doesn’t require any invasive surgery. How is it done? Chemicals such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid are applied on the skin like a treatment mask. At the end of the session, the solution is either removed or left to self-neutralize. That is it! The acids will do the job and encourage new skin to regenerate. It’s fast, cheap, and effective.
  2. Does not require any downtime. The entire procedure usually takes only around 30 to 45 minutes, and you can head straight home once it’s done. Your skin is quite sensitive immediately after the treatment, so you have to take extra measures to care for it. It is a good idea to stay indoors and minimize sun exposure as your skin is prone to sun damage. If you must go out, be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen above SPF 30 and a wide-brimmed hat.
  3. Improves skin texture. Dead skin cells are rough and dry. Sloughing them off through chemical peeling freshens up the skin, renews its vigor, and creates a smooth appearance. However, if you have severe skin conditions like skin sags, bulges, and deep wrinkles, it may be better for you to try other kinds of cosmetic treatment like laser resurfacing, facelift, or soft tissue filler.
  4. Gets rid of uneven skin tone. There are a lot of factors that contribute to getting uneven skin tone. Sun damage, acne, aging, or hormones can cause discolorations, and their effects do not clear up naturally. Chemical peeling can drastically improve the condition of one’s skin. The procedure works best for people who are fair-skinned and light-haired.
  5. Eliminates sun damage. Too much exposure to the sun leads to wrinkles and premature appearance of fine lines. Chemical peels help renew your skin so it holds up better against the sun. But even if you plan to periodically undergo chemical peels, it is still a good idea to use sunscreen whenever needed.
  6. Treats acne and minimizes pores. Because a chemical peel penetrates deep into the skin, it is an effective way of clearing the skin, reducing inflammation, and healing acne. As you get rid of old and dull skin, the oils that clogged the pores are also removed. This leads to smaller-looking pores.
  7. Removes age spots. Age spots and other blemishes can be hidden through the use of makeup, but you can get rid of them all through chemical peeling. In addition to getting rid of unwanted pigmentation, the treatment will also allow you to enjoy beautiful and even skin tone.
  8. Enhances skin moisture. Dryness is the enemy of radiant skin. Chemical peels remove the dry, rough layer of dead cells, allowing the skin to retain moisture better.

While chemical peeling is a generally safe procedure, it’s still important to get the opinion of a dermatologist before undergoing one. This way, you can maximize the skin benefits brought about by this treatment.


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