5 Ways to Wear Your Palazzo Trousers

5 Ways to Wear Your Palazzo Trousers

If you are reading this post then I am sure that you are aware of the latest fashion trend the palazzo wide leg pants. Most of us who own these pants are confused and do not know how to combine them with other clothes.

Because of their unusual look these pants are very unique and it is definitely hard to combine them with other pieces of clothes from your closet. As a fashion student and a personal stylist for several clients I know a lot of ways on how you can wear you palazzo wide leg pants.

In this post I am going to suggest to you 5 different suggestions on how to wear your palazzo trousers. All of the palazzo trousers are available on the world’s largest palazzo retailer Goflers: https://www.goflers.com/3/palazzo-pants/

1.Cinch in your waist with a chic belt

This combination is a very casual that gives you both comfort and a stylish look. It is best suited to wear this combination for a casual day at the office or for a walk to the park with your boyfriend.

2. Light airy palazzo wide leg pants for a sunny day at the beach

After spending several hours on the beach you just don’t want to wear jeans because they are stuck to your legs and you are just too exhausted to wear them.  This combinations is very simple but also very stylish and it’s ideal for a sunny day at the beach. You can get these airy palazzo wide leg pants at Goflers.com

3.Pair them with a white t-shirt and a statement necklace to keep things really simple.

To keep things simple is sometimes better than complicating your look with various different accessories. This combination gives you great look that shows off your hip style.

4.Wear a lace shirt with your palazzo pants

Wearing this combination gives every women a pretty feminine look.  image04

5. Add a blazer or other accessories for a professional look.

Some of you just doesn’t have spare time to wear their palazzo wide leg pants. If you spend half of your day on your workplace I suggest that you wear this combination of outfits that gives you a very professional look.  If you think that theses palazzo trouser are not fit for your workplace, you can find many more suitable palazzo wide leg pants for your workplace on Goflers.


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