5 Top Strategies of Guerilla Marketing & Local SEO

5 Top Strategies of Guerilla Marketing & Local SEO

Marketing is the bloodline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even then, many people tend to forget about the power of marketing in enhancing local SEO.

Thus, you need to begin with realization that local SEO is type of marketing that lets you reach out to consumers that are interested in your products except that it is a little different in the sense that you do not have to pay to be in the local results.

Ultimately, marketing should be the driving force behind every local SEO strategy. Thus, every SEO marketer must pay attention to details because every interaction with your business determines users’ perception. This means that you will do well to improve your focus on doing the right thing while lessening your focus on some minutiae of the process. Here are some top secrets of guerilla local SEO that you need to consider:


You must be committed to ensuring that your website is optimized perfectly, you are generating good links and local exposure and you are building a good reputation online. You must also be committed to revising as well as refining your strategy. Commitment is what will get you to the top of your local SEO game.


Advertising and marketing are an investment that may not deliver instant results but they will deliver nonetheless. For your local SEO, you can invest in the visibility of your business. Remember it does not hurt a business to have a strong reputation and high visibility. Overall, change your mind set by beginning to see marketing as an investment rather than any other expense.


It is extremely important to be consistent in your marketing strategies, messaging, branding and building reviews. Avoid the temptation to change your business name, logo, phone number and address, as these are the major factors that underlie your local SEO success. Consistence will not only build familiarity but also confidence with your target audience. A good SEO agency always keep these factors in mind. That’s why their success rates are higher.


Credibility is critical to your success thus, it is important to establish credibility online. Credibility is what will set you apart from competition by building the confidence of users. Thus, you will do well to focus on boosting the confidence of your customers in what you have to offer. If you are consistently visible in local as well as organic and paid search results, you will definitely build confidence with your target audience.


In some instances, it may take some time to generate good local visibility. For instance, it may take time to build a foundation of honest reviews. This is because it takes time before users can recognize your brand and build familiarity. It is important to understand that users may take time before they decide to do business with you.

When you incorporate the strategies discussed above in your marketing, you can be sure your local SEO will be well positioned to succeed. Even then, you need to keep in mind that it is not always an easy task but it will eventually bear fruit. Be sure to have a structured marketing plan that takes into consideration different marketing channels and strategies.

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