5 Tips for Insulating and Cutting Your Energy Costs

5 Tips for Insulating and Cutting Your Energy Costs


We all want to cut energy costs from our homes. No one likes to pay sky-high energy bills at the end of the month because our home isn’t properly insulated or made to be the most efficient energy-wise.

The good news is that there is plenty of tips out there to make your insulation work the best it can and cut down on your energy costs. Never again will you have to worry that your warm air is leaking out of your home and driving up those energy bills. Be sure to work with your local air conditioning contractors and heating technicians to see if you can implement some of these ideas in your home. Or even try them on your own if you’re handy!

  • Weather Stripping

One of the most common ways to insulate your home from the harsh weather outside and keeping that warm air inside during the winter is by weather stripping. This involves sealing up those cracks between your windows and doors and the walls around them. There are plenty of inexpensive materials out there to do the job for you or you can have your local handyman come out and help out.

No matter how you get it done, this tip is going to keep that warm air from leaving through those cracks and keep it inside where it belongs.

  • Programmable Thermostat

One of the best things you can do to cut down on energy costs doesn’t actually have much to do with insulation itself, but has more to do with how you can cut down on the amount of heat you need. If you’re like most people out there, you probably aren’t home all of the time and therefore don’t need the heat on 24/7/365.

If you’re not home during the day, use a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat so you don’t keep that heater running all day. Or simply cut down on the temperature when you are home so you can get down on those energy costs.

  • Water Heater Insulation

One of the best ways to save on your heating bills is to give your water heater a big ‘ole hug this winter season with a custom made insulation jacket. This is super easy to make yourself and will ensure that your water heater doesn’t leak out heat and waste energy!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Your bank account is going to thank you for this one.

  • Outlet Insulation

One of the least-known ways to install insulation in your home and cut down on those energy costs is to insulate your outlets! There are plenty of ways to do this that are not going to break the bank and will allow you to save energy in the long-run. Plus, they’re pretty easy to install! You just get a pre-cut foam insulator from your local hardware store, take off the outlet cover, install the insulation, and screw back on the cover. It’s so simple and is going to pay off way more in the future when you see your energy bills go down.

  • Covering Fireplace

If you love that beautiful fireplace in the center of your home, you probably don’t love the cold air that comes through the chimney and enters the home. Unfortunately, most of these fireplaces in older homes don’t do much to keep your home warm and actually decreases the overall energy efficiency of your home.

You can get a decorative cover to cover the front of the fireplace and stop the warm air from escaping and the cold air from coming in from the chimney.

There are plenty of ways to insulate your home and keep that warm air where it belongs this winter season. Be sure to follow these tips and check out other ways that you can save on those high-energy costs!

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