5 Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Homes

5 Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Homes

People typically like possessions, but that means a need for storage space. This goes against the current budget of an individual, pair or family, and that can mean people with a lot of stuff are trying to all fit into a small home. For these people, there are great alternatives that provide new space-saving and sometimes very home design-savvy answers to the eternal question of where to put your stuff.

Ottomans for Seating and Storage

If there is limited space, you can use a floating shelf and add a pair of ottomans underneath. Not only do they provide a great way to keep items together and out of sight, but they can be used as additional seating if you have guests over and need those couple extra spaces to support a visitor. The attractive look of the ottoman takes away from the fact that it is also a useful storage area.

Use Curtains for Doors

Not everyone realizes this is a way to save space, but folding doors or conventional doors require a set amount of room to open, which in turn cramps the rest of the room. For areas with limited space, a curtain provides privacy without requiring that additional space to access the storage area.

Create Storage Under a Raised Bed

Crafting a platform to hold the bed can allow for more storage space under the bed. If the living space you have has severe limitations, this can provide a restful sleep space while helping to deal with the clutter of the rest of the apartment or home.

Recess the Dresser Into the Wall

Obviously, renters should avoid this strategy without specific permission. However, for home owners, the idea of creating an eight-drawer dresser can be as easy as accessing the knee wall and installing said dresser space. The rest of the room can be adjusted based on this, and the floor space alone can make a big difference to comfort and relaxation in the bedroom.

Add Style with Hanging Storage and a Coat Rack with Door Knobs

This look adds some character to your hallway. Meanwhile, you can skip the hassle of hangers and drop your stuff off simply after a long day of work. This provides a hassle-free yet organized way to leave you stuff in the hallway. It also has a distinct look when nothing is hanging there, to provide style and character instead of seeming out of place.

For those who still need some space and aren’t sure how to find it, there are storage units that can be rented. These units get the clutter out of the house. Once it is out from underfoot, you can determine how often you actually miss it or would have used it.

Eventually, you can re-organize and purge any items that were never missed. This can be a money-making opportunity, which then covers the amount spent to keep the storage unit. Handling this decision in a smart manner means you can make money and have a clutter-free home, all at once.

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