5 Celebs That Are Good at DIY

5 Celebs That Are Good at DIY

We often think of celebrities as people who have everything done for them by an army of staff and hired help, however there are some celebrities who aren’t just self sufficient, they have the DIY skills to take on arts, crafts, and renovations that the rest of us can only dream of.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the current undisputed queen of country pop, her rise to fame over the last several years has been the very definition of meteoric. However, in addition to her talents as a singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift also has a number of other creative talents. Her Instagram page is an excellent source of inspiration for anyone else looking for some simple home project ideas for nurturing their own creative urges.

Among the many projects that Taylor regularly shows off are her fresh-baked cookies, often adorned with personalized messages, as well as homemade jams, and a range of embroideries. Taylor’s creative talents go a long way beyond her record breaking music.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has always been a woman of many talents; over the course of her career she has turned her attention to acting, writing, and a number of other pursuits. Her website is positively overflowing with examples of her DIY arts and crafts projects, these range from gold-flecked brownie recipes, to child-friendly party ideas with a pop-culture influence.

Tori has also embraced her role as homemaker, and continues to offer her readers a glimpse into her own efforts at maintaining her home through her own budding DIY empire, embodied on her site ediTORIal. We’re half expecting her to post her attempt at this project from The Plumbing Info any day now.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is another woman whose creative talents extend across a number of different areas; she has donned the cap of a fashion designer, a beauty guru, and one hell of a party planner. As a former reality star, Lauren has grown accustomed to being underestimated by many people, but in fact she possesses a number of different talents. Her Instagram shows off her abilities as an incredible baker, and are full of unique home baking ideas for her audience.

Mindy Kaling

The US Office star Mindy Kaling has already established herself as one of the freshest and most unique voices working in comedy today. In addition to her work on a number of award winning television shows she has also written a side splittingly funny autobiography. She turned heads recently when she appeared at Google’s ‘Made With Code’ event, showing off various bracelet designs that she produced using a 3D printer.

Shailene Woodley

There are few actresses who are quite as committed to, or as well informed about, the benefits of an all-natural approach to health and beauty. She is someone who would rather make her own remedies rather than buy them and has also been training as a herbalist.

DIY projects, whether they are attempts at comprehensive home improvement, or less involved arts and crafts, they are a fantastic way to develop a number of different skills while filling the day with activities that you can look back on and feel proud of.

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